• OK, so i know this is weird, but stationery makes me feel calm – it’s total eye candy – and just like chocolate gives a hit of oxytocin to the brain, so stationery in shops, displays, on Pinterest, all neatly organised in my desk drawer makes me feel sooo good. In light of this little nugget of weirdness – here’s something else i love – clipboards and i just love how they’re used so much in decor these days. They’re the new gallery wall solution – and of course in an office, they’re brilliant for organising your life and calendar.

    So, if you’re like me – and on the stationery sl*t scale of appreciators, enjoy!

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  • 6 Comments to “Crazy for Clipboards”

    1. Samantha on

      What an awesome idea, who would have thought of that 🙂

    2. Lisa on

      Gold clipboards? I have died and gone to stationery heaven!! Awesome post – thanks!

    3. Sam Boylan on

      If you are looking for clipboards with a difference check out our selection on our website http://www.nest-homegrown.co.za

    4. Donyale on

      I’m with Lisa! <3 the gold

    5. Jenny on

      Always up for a stationery post 🙂

    6. Nicola Meyer on

      Wow! So amazing

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