• Let me just put this out there (again and for the record). I’m no craft mom. I wish I was, but I’m far too disorganised/talentless/time-strapped/tired/sloppy to even come close to creating anything remotely Pinterest worthy. My motto when it comes to these sorts of things is fake it ’til you make it. However… Something does happen to you on a cellular level when your  kids get old enough to hold a pair of scissors that ignites a desire to craft, no matter how much you stink at it. There’s this need to at least try and be that mom, the one who does lovely, fun, inspiring DIY-sorts of things with them. To save the loo rolls and cardboard boxes and empty glass jars and get an art supply drawer going and be able to whip out glitter, acorns, glue and fabric offcuts so you can help them make something awesome and original and handmade that they’ll be really proud of. I was totes channeling my Craft Mom persona yesterday afternoon when we headed to Kirstenbosch for some fresh air. Before we left and on a whim I cut out some toadstool shapes from a cereal box, glued over some white paper, took with a glue stick and let my daughter collect anything she could from nature to stick onto it to make a sort-of fairy house. At the moment it’s just covered in grass and glitter (that girl takes at least three tubs of glitter wherever she goes), but she’s got a handbag full of acorns and this afternoon she’s planning to stick flowers and leaves and twigs and anything else she can find in the garden onto it. She thought I was the coolest person in the universe for thinking of it and went to bed declaring that henceforth no cereal box shall ever be put into the recycling again but only made into toadstools, and did I now see why she carried glitter everywhere with her. With easy, whimsical, fairy-themed crafts to do with your kids in mind, I found these really sweet ideas that even a novice like myself could manage.

    These owl houses are absolutely adorable. You don’t have to limit their inhabitants to owls: fairies, gnomes, dinosaurs, basically any small, lightweight figurine will be quite happy hanging about in one of these. From what I can gauge (thanks Google Translate) you need to paint your loo rolls and let them dry; then use a box cutter or something sharp to neatly cut out the doors; trace a circle using a side plate on pretty patterned craft paper (you can find this at Typo or other craft shops) and cut it out; make a roof by folding the paper to form a cup/triangle shape, and glue one side down so it keeps its shape. Leave a tiny space open on top to thread through some string; attach the roof to the painted loo roll house with glue; superglue your small figurine onto the loo roll; attach a bead to the end of a piece of string, and thread it through the top of the roof. The bead will be on the inside of the roof, allowing you to hang your magical house up in a tree or as part of a mobile.









    Even simpler, and totally gorgeous, are these glitter wizard wands. You need paint, glitter and sticks. That’s it. The instructions are here. It’s a fab idea for kids to make at a party as a take-away party favour or on a playdate.


    I really like this little woodland scene. Paint, craft paper or cardboard from a cereal box and loo roll or kitchen towel bases (you could also use corks) is all you need.


    A few be-glittered pebbles and you’ve got yourself the most magically epic treasure hunt in the garden ever.


    How adorable is this fairy tea set. The how-to is here and it’s totally achievable. Plus your kids are going to think you’re ah-mah-zing!

    Are you keen on doing any of these this weekend? I’m feeling the glitter wands.

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