• I think many of you agree that a space with colour and a hint of chaos in it speaks to the soul. Spaces where everything doesn’t look absolutely perfect and that it’s quite clear that people actually do live there. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean i don’t drool over those perfectly proportioned minimalist Scandi homes – but seriously – where do they keep their stuff?!! So on that note, here are some spaces that speak to my soul – whether from a colour pop perspective or from a display perspective…










    I think the link with each of these spaces is that it’s clear that there are people who celebrate life living in each of them – no catalogue spaces here!

  • 3 Comments to “Colourful Spaces to Love”

    1. Cathi on

      So agree.. In my head i wish everything was super clean and minimalistic, but in my heart its a dash of chaos and colour!!

    2. lameez on

      Good mornin , I so agree …Colourfull spaces looks so perfect and comfy ,loov it 🙂

    3. Adel Ainslie on

      Love the last pic – personally I always pic the muted tones – to stay on the safe side, but I must say, this pop of colour is def. making me think otherwise. Thanks for the inspiration! A. http://www.lifeofreily.co.za

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