• I love paint colour forecasts. Love-love-love-love-love. It’s a fab way to see what the style soothsayers are predicting (based on international and local research in design and interiors) will be fashionable hues for the coming year  and is also high on the eye-candy value scale: the big paint companies typically harness the talents of really kick-a** stylists and photographers, so there are always inspiring ideas to walk away with. Such is the case with Australian paint brand, Haymes. Their theme for the 2015 Colour Forecast ‘comes from an increased awareness to feel comfortable and secure within our homes’. The five main themes are: Rhythmic Palms; Exotic Botanic; New Skin; Relaxed Replay; and Raw.

    Rhythmic Palms is made up of a saturated, deep palette designed to amplify pattern. Dark charcoals and lush greens dominate, evoking notions of what lies underneath the tree top canopy.
    1 2 3

    New Skin moves from mineral pastels to deep blues and greys. It’s a palette that reflects the weathering that comes with overuse, like a worn in and well-loved pair of jeans. It’s a palette designed for easy living, exploring denim textures and colours.

    17 18


    Exotic Botanic is concerned with returning to nature and our roots, exploring the beauty found in untamed flora. It’s a compelling palette with a heady dose of opulence. 5 7

    Raw explores the notion of detoxification, downscaling and ‘redefining what is important through a process of natural selection’. It’s a classic (with a modern twist) palette of warm browns and creams that provide the perfect base for any interior.

    11 10 8

    Finally, Relaxed Replay with its retro feel. It’s a bold palette, suited to colourists who are mad for brights, either on feature walls or for interior accents.

    16 15 12

    Photographs Martina Gemmola/Shannon McGrath and styling by Ruth Welsby/and the Haymes team.

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Great ideas -thank you

    2. lameez on

      Wow Amazing ideas Rhytmic palms 1 of my faves , very inspiring and awesum ideas ! Love it!

    3. Li on

      Very delicious

    4. Adel Ainslie on

      So beautiful – just puts a smile on my dial!

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