• I’ve been pinning coffee tables lately and the more images i found, the more i realised there are some common threads to ones that my eyes were drawn to. Then i did some reading and discovered that interior decorators have a couple of rules they stick to when putting together a coffee table – i found it really interesting. I love looking at beautifully organised and dressed coffee tables, mainly because for the past two years The Captain and i haven’t been able to decide what we like – so coffee table-less we remain.

    Here are some coffee tables that appeal to me for a variety of reasons


    It has never occurred to me how gorgeous flowers look on a coffee table – and even more so fruit. I quite like the idea of a jar of chappies or something similarly playful (yet edible)


    Some experts say that having something from the natural worls is a must – while i like taxidermy, i’m not sure a falcon would be something i could handle – besides i’m pretty sure, the bird would dominate conversation. Love the pop of turquoise in an otherwise monochrome setup.


    Here’s a cool idea that would work really well in small spaces – two smallish tables side by side or moved around as and when the occasion calls for it – what a good idea and so visually interesting too.


    I have a thing about trays and on a coffee table i think they’re a must – also boxes are great for hiding necessary uglies like remote controls. The flower thing is cute here too.


    Love the mix of natural and glam and the gorgeous mirror tray too


    These flowers really do look beautiful in this setup


    Seemingly randomly placed books invite engagement and conversation – the succulent arrangement is interesting too – and the lowslung ottoman suggests this coffee table has potential to be a hub of socialising


    Personalised elements like a collection of matchboxes in this case and a couple of magnifying glass create visual interest and a talking point – there are the flowers too


    I love this set up so much – that tray for trinkets and vases and other goodies is just beautiful – I Want That!

    What say you? Do you style your coffee table or is it purely a practical space?

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  • 11 Comments to “Coffee Table Styling”

    1. Suz on

      Absolutely beautiful… I”m about to go back into the realm of styled coffee tables… it all went out the window when there was a toddler in the house… I hung on for as long as possible but admitted defeat when my favourite ceramic bowl got hurled on the floor ; )

    2. Sally on

      I do love that lacquered turquoise box for storing remote controls. And Suz, I was just about to say the same: any table or shelf below shoulder height has been bare for years for exactly the same reason. Even bottles of wine in the wine rack were somehow pulled out and smashed (the tragedy!). The boys are long past the home-wrecking stage but I seem to have lost the tablescape art…

    3. robyn on

      Any idea where you can find beautiful trays? We have a large coffee table and I have struggled to find the right size tray for a while now.

    4. iwantthat on

      Robyn, take a look at Mr Price Home and @home , both have regular stock. Pick n Pay also has some nice bamboo ones.

    5. Cecile Blake on

      Lovely! But i am afraid if you have a little one around you will have padded corners and nothing on top! 🙂

    6. iwantthat on

      haha, thanks gals – i guess i’m going to stay in the coffee table-less phase for the next few years!

    7. Jenny on

      My husband and I have been married for 12 years and we also don’t have a coffee table yet! Very adult to have a coffee table….we are still looking for the perfect one. At least we have a coffee machine!!

    8. zillah on

      yet again; thank you!

    9. Leonette on

      Hehe! I see I’m not the only one whose first thought is about little hands grabbing all those pretty things and hurling it, eating it, hiding it, or feeding it to the dog! 😉

    10. Chereen Strydom on

      I Want That tray in the last pic, too! I’ve also been thinking about coffee tables a lot lately… I actually *just* restyled mine last night! Let’s see how long before the clutter takes hold again… *sigh*

    11. Chereen Strydom on

      Haha – I just read all the other comments. Can you tell that my wee one hasn’t started crawling or walking yet? Although it looks as though he’ll be crawling pretty soon… maybe my baby will take over the coffee table before clutter has a chance to?

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