• I know i’m a little behind with regards to caravans and their cool factor – one look at the Airstreams at  Old Mac Daddy designer trailer park in Elgin or the rooftop trailer park on top of the Grand Daddy Hotel and there’s no doubt they’re the go-to for hipsters and weekend-away warriors. It’s just that well, in South Africa we tend to be limited to caravans that are, not very Wow.

    The Captain often reminds me how it could be the answer to our seeing the country plus we could customise one to make it really nice, with all the bells and whistles you need.

    Any hoodlum…these refurbed retro finds (under Caravans on my Pinterest boards) got me thinking that maybe i’m being a number about it all…plus, he’s so good at fixing and making, maybe we should be looking a little mobile holiday haven.


    Hmmm…food for thought.

  • 9 Comments to “Caravans are Cool. Are Caravans Cool?”

    1. Karen on

      These are seriously cute. But let me share my problem with being a caravan owner (despite how awesomely cool you may make your own), – you share a caravan site with all the other ‘normal’ SA caravanning people. I know I sound like a complete snob but its how I feel.
      We once won a weekend away in a camper van. We were super cool (so we thought) with pink flamingos flapping their little wings in the breeze, a little tussie mussie in a tin on our retro table…you know the deal. But the fact remains – we were in a caravan site, surrounded by people not of our choosing, schlepping to the communal bathrooms in our flip flops. Not cool.

    2. Li on

      And in the ching chong cha of live… caravans beat camping but 5star beats everything ;o)

    3. claire mccormck on

      Empty nest looming……I’m thinking a really cool caravan, Darby and Joan could go back to where we started (young and free) but this time, older and free, with a bit more money than then, on a roadtrip around the states/europe for 6 weeks…or longer?

    4. Kim on

      Would rather camp any day. Just say no to the caravan. x

    5. Clair on

      these images conjure up ideas of fresh lemonade, spring flowers , free love and all this to the soundtrack of Bob Dylan…..when in reality its more Bob the Builder, canned klippies and cola and you listening to the free love of your neighbours. I have to agree with above, just say no.

    6. Salbal on

      Never mind the cuteness factor of the caravan, if I could be guaranteed the unspoilt and unpopulated freshness of the meadow around it I could possibly endure the pins in my eyes and make the most of the caravanning experience. Howevah, we all know that what really surrounds a caravan is men in too-small rugby shorts and long socks having their bacon-and-egg fry-up served to them with a Castle or two to go. And lekker music to share with the entire campsite…. and queues for the washing up basins… and the loos. Aaaaargh!

    7. Once upon a Time on

      Caravan = Not cool unless it’s @ Old MAC DADDY or on top of the Grand Daddy hotel.

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