• How much beauty do you think you can handle on this fine Friday? Because you need to prepare yourself – there’s a heck of a lot of it going on here. For me, the world stopped spinning for a short time when I set eyes on the food styling and photography of Swedish Baker/Photographer/Stylist/Blogger Linda Lomelino. It’s that amazing, gorgeous, breathtaking, exquisite, marvellous, extraordinary and any other superlative you can think of. Linda’s website, Call Me Cupcake, is where she merges food and flowers and beautiful objects and I’m just so happy that I now know she exists, because I’m going to buy all her books (there are two, with a third coming out early next year) and I’m going to follow her on Instagram and like her on Facebook and basically yes, become her number one fan. That is, if you guys don’t beat me to it first. Feast your eyes and find lots, lots more beauty and recipes at Call Me Cupcake.

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  • 6 Comments to “Can You Say Breath·Tak·Ing…”

    1. Li on

      Utterly utterly stunning.

    2. lameez on

      I can’t believe what I see this morning ,So True,Breathtaking & Sooo Beautifull!

    3. COLLEEN on

      Love it & the pops of purple hues!

    4. Rose McClement on

      Oh MY Word — I want to use a word that starts with S and ends in T, and another than starts with F……ITS IS ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWINGLY BEAUTIFUL. thanks for sharing

    5. Donyale on

      I suddenly feel like I’ve been wasting my life. Totally wasting my life 😀

    6. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Too Fantastic – just perfection

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