• Hi everyone! So, since going bananas on the succulent front, i really have my heart set on a cactus but it’s not exactly the most practical idea for a home that has a toddler and a baby on the way. Which is a pity because i really love their graphic shapes – and how lovely they look in grass baskets. I’ve also got a thing about leaf shapes – but you know that and i love that the fresh flower garland trend has also extended to the fresh leaf trend, take a look..

    Oh, be sure to scroll to the bottom because this post also includes a plant-inspired giveaway from My Wall Tattoos


    A minimalist look to love


    This fern and succulent wall is great too


    LOVE!! I’ve shared this before and love it still.


    Here’s what i was saying about fresh leaf and flower garlands


    This is the simplest idea (you can simply use plants from your garden) but it’s so gorgeous – imagine adding fairy lights to the mix?


    Lovely cacti in contemporary planters


    You can’t say no to a Delicious Monster leaf

    NOW …for the giveaway…My Wall Tattoos is making it easy to bring the garden indoors (and leaves and grpahic flowers particularlly) with some of their new designs…use them placed randomly on your walls, to dolly up cupboard doors, to create a border on a wall or even framed in a picture frame!


    I really love these – imagine decorating oversized planters in them?

    Daisies green S

    Like all My Wall Tattoos you can order these in any colour – i like the idea of gold daisies

    Cacti green S

    This might be the answer for people who want but can’t have cacti at home!

    Would you like to win one of 3 sets of My Wall Tattoos plant stickers?

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    Giveaway closes end July and is only open to SA residents


  • 13 Comments to “Cacti, Leaves & Some new Beauties from My Wall Tattoos”

    1. Rushdia omar on

      Blossom or bush. But there’s so many I liked. Really hard to choose!

    2. Janet on

      Stunning – so much fun to be had with these amazing wall tattoos. I would love to win the Acacia tree… typically South Africa which I love.

    3. Sharleen on

      Love the winter tree and elm tree

    4. Kimberley on

      I really like the dandelion and the cacti above 🙂 Also the protea is gorgeous!

    5. Anita Steenkamp on

      I love the leaves so pretty!

    6. Lalannie Knoll on

      Oh how I love that fern and succulent wall!

    7. Adele on

      My Wall Tattoos are simply the best – had one of their vinyl stickers in the kitchen at our old house and I just never grew tired of it!
      Think it’s time to introduce My Wall Tattoos to our new home, and the design featuring the cacti in the baskets was made for me – I absolutely love it! X

    8. Tasneem Katsen on

      Love the cacti wall paper..would be a great addition on my kitchen wall. Have a collection of cactus plants.

    9. Candice on

      Those oversized planters are GORGEOUS !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    10. Zahraa Minty on

      What a way to lighten up a room. Cacti stickers Fab

    11. Nicola Grobler on


    12. Kim Muller on

      I like the love birds, the elm tree and the leaves. So much to like on their website!

    13. Karen Kelly on

      Love, love, love! I am sure to find a space for these leafy greens should I win, they are gorgeous!

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