• Hi lovelies! It’s recently occurred to me that Charley and Ava’s room is going to be a serious squeeze once Ava reaches the stage to go into her own bed. I don’t see that happening until at least a year from now (Charley was just over a year when she went into a bed) but when it does, there isn’t enough space for two beds in their room. Which means we’re going to have to get them a bunk bed. Should be interesting (read terrifying) with a 3-4 year old in a top bunk and a smallie underneath which is why i’ve been doing some research into ideas for shared bunk bed bedrooms. Luckily there’s a lot out there to inspire…


    So this is where my head is at – it’s a small bunk bed, with one of the beds flush to the ground. it feels safer and less imposing in an already space-starved room. Pic credit


    This bunk bed (spotted on one of my favourite sites A Beautiful Mess) is everything! Love it! The lower bunk is a 3/4 which is great for sleepovers with cousins or if they want to bunk up together now and then. Pic credit (the rest of the room is amazing!)


    This grey bedroom and bunk beds offers a seriously clever solution if space is a problem – built in storage plus sleeping space for two – tick! Pic credit


    And this room (again with the lower bed at floor level) is just too delicious don’t you think? Pic credit


    Isn’t this housey bunk bed adorable?! Pic credit


    Something for the minimalists. Pic credit


    Light, bright and just right! Pic credit


    LOVE!! Pic Credit

    Moms with kids sharing rooms – any ideas and/or advice to share?

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Quite unique and stylish

    2. Diana on

      Special memories are made when siblings share a room. I love listening to their sweet conversations, just before they fall asleep. You’ll see, everything will work out fine 🙂

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