• Hello lovelies! So on Tuesday i had a shoot at my house. The lovely Lana from LanaLouStyle came round and took a bunch of pix for the even more amazing Apartment Therapy blog – i’m so excited since its one of my favourite international interior sites. Lana is such a fantastic photographer too and i love her blog so all in all it was a red letter day. I thought i had everything pretty much under control for the shoot but when Lana arrived i put my stylist eyes on and OMG – the clutter and the MESS!!! There was stuff everywhere, half of it didn’t make sense where it was – everywhere i looked stuff, stuff, stuff! So…(and yes, you’ve heard it a million times before but this time…), i am ready for another declutter and a sort and a better way of displaying things that doesn’t feel so chaotic. Well that’s my aim…first things first – off to the web for some inspiration…and some procrastination…


    All those fab flyers and tear sheets and inspirating pieces of paper floating around your home office? Stick ’em up and wallpaper a wall why don’t you?


    If a wall covered in your stuff is just too much for you – a gallery wall will help you express yourself in a neater and tidier way


    I dare yoyu to find me a person who doesn’t think pegboards are perfect for sorting out any situation. And open shelves? They’re absolute winners for picture and book collecitons alike. Simply Home has them in different sizes. qazqaxzilverblauw-3-616x800

    For the OCD types – the neatest, sweetest organiser in town.Look on the IKEA website to find similar and then contact Nevada to see if they can bring one in for you.


    A collection of hexagonal shelves makes for the most fabulous shelfie moments – find lovely ones similar to this at Mono

    OK, now to actually start chucking and sorting – it MUST be done!!

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      Nice, but too busy for me!

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