• Hi lovelies. We recently came back from an overseas trip to the States and there was no, and I mean NO time for leisurely shopping of any kind, and even though I’m not a big shopper I’m partial to a good browse and actually, who doesn’t want to come home from an overseas trip with a little something special. The night before we were due to leave I managed to snatch a precious half-hour (to the minute) for myself which I spent tearing around Anthropologie lusting after pretty much everything in the store. It was so expensive you guys, eye-wateringly so, but took a big gulp, got out the credit card and treated myself three very special things: two beautiful decorative plates and a book – In The Garden Of My Dreams – by my one of my absolute favourite contemporary designers/artists, Parisian Nathalie Lété. Her work is coveted from London to Tokyo, her distinctive style having won her a legion of fans, a sweet little shop and label feature her own designs,  as well as fashion and homeware collaborations with big brands including Anthropologie, French department store Monoprix and fashion designer Issey Miyake. Her colourful, whimsical, folksy paintings of nature, animals, children and cityscapes are a tonic for the soul and the book – featuring over 200 of her personal favourite paintings – is a treat from cover to cover. When the bank balance is looking healthy again, I highly recommend adding this one to your collection.

    Images courtesy of Nathalie Lété

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