• Over the past year or two black and white as a decor them has really come to the fore – we’ve seen loads of geometric prints, plenty of crosses, chevrons and stripes and recently i’m loving seeing them all together. It’s a real mish mash of strong patterninng but it really works, it seems the secret is to have lots of white in the mix, to have a balance of heavy and light black and white patterning and to bring grey into things as well. It’s particularly strong in bedding and if you look at these images you’ll see how a lot of this look successfully starts from the floor up…

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    Local online interiors store Mono lets you get the look with many of their offerings – this is their chequered bedspread DSCN6074_1024x1024

    Love the chevron cube too!

    PS. I’m off to the Seychelles tomorrow peeps!! I’m going sailing for a week with The Captain and a bunch of mates – hooray! I’m beside myself with anxiety about leaving our Charley Bird behind, especially as she had grommets put in last week and has been very clingy since – i think i’ll be having a Bloody Mary at 8am on the plane to calm my nerves! You’ll be in Mandy’s capable, creative hands next week and then i’ll be back with stories to share and hopefully loads of inspiration. V xx

  • 5 Comments to “Black & White Print & Patterning”

    1. Mandy Allen on

      Love these looks

    2. Cathi on

      Oooooh!!! LOVE !!!

    3. COLLEEN on

      Love Black & White Marley tile floors!

    4. Farren on

      Have a super holiday! x

    5. Casey on

      Love this look. Black and white is always beautifully elegant.

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