• Isn’t it funny how the combo of black and white is the new neutral? Mums who read the blog will know that black and white is a great choice for newborns – considering it’s pretty much all they can see! What i like about using black and white (and grey and white too) is that you can make the look your own by adding accents of pastel mint, pink or yellow for a girl or brights (for both), in fact, black and white is a great gender neutral choice and it’s a fabulous way to ensure the room will grow with the child from birth – so you won’t have to do a revamp by the time they hit four! Here are some black and white nurseries and kids rooms that hit the spot for me.





    See how sweet mint looks when added to the picture?


    And just a few pops of colour really POP!


    What say you? Yay or Nay for a black and white nursery?

  • 3 Comments to “Black & White for Baby!”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Yay – so chic! At least it won’t date easily!

    2. Yvonne on

      it’s a YAY for me!

    3. lameez on

      A big YAY !! Love it!

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