• Hi lovelies. It’s Mandy here today. Let’s talk interiors. I have a love-hate relationship with exposed brick. I love it in certain spaces and that whole industrial vibe is really appealing to me. In my home we have two walls that are exposed brick – one in the main bathroom, another in a sort of reading nook area off the garage. Having a soak the other night, I realised that I deeply loathe that bathroom wall in particular. The second one is less offensive to me as it’s got a big white pigeon-hole bookshelf in front of it, which sort of breaks the brutal roughness. I don’t want to get rid of it entirely: it’s going to be too expensive to plaster over, and I quite like the elements of texture and urban edge it adds to my otherwise period home (which is a mash-up of late Victorian/Edwardian). But I feel like I need a change, which is what inspired a search for ideas. Painting is one option, but I believe it’s quite tricky to get it right over especially rough brick, which is what I have. A lime washed effect is rather nice, and it doesn’t matter an ounce if it’s not perfectly applied as the whole point is that it looks lived in, washed out and of a nondescript age. After seeing these images, I’m quite pleased that we didn’t plaster over the brick when we first moved in – the potential to make it look great is there; I just need to figure out what to do. Watch this space…

    I really like the light grey paint – the brick needs to be pretty smooth though to have a neat, even finish and mine unfortunately isn’t. 

    This is bold, but fun. And of course I’m thinking bright pink. I’m such a hopeless case when it comes to kitsch colour. No classy teal for me, oh no. 

    Two-tone, love it. Feels really cool and effortless. 
    Another chic option – soft white. The bricks are the right size and texture too to hold the paint – that lovely narrow, smooth profile that’s early 19th C. Makes for a great gallery wall backdrop for artworks. 

    Trust the Scandis to know how to marry clean white with a bit of characterful exposed brick. Perfection. 
    Rough brickwork works with the white paint here as it’s clearly an industrial space with volume and lots of light. My bathroom is a bit dark (no windows) so the look might be more mouldy than modern. 
    I really like the imperfect finish of the feature wall plus the farmhouse rustic touches and contemporary furniture elements. I’m realising how exposed brick walls work really well with floating shelves. *Idea brewing…*
    Yep, more floating shelves on exposed painted brick, this time in warm wood tones. Nice against the off white! And that touch of grey really floats my boat. 
    This kids’ room is so cool – contemporary, warm and made more interesting by the painted walls in white and charcoal. 
    Another feature wall in a kiddies’ space left exposed but painted white for warmth. Adds texture and makes it much more modern than if all the walls were plastered. I think I’m coming around to this exposed brick thing! 
    I love how this feature wall feels like it’s been there forever and that the brick has naturally taken on its weathered patina rather than having a paint job (which it obviously has, but that’s the genius of how the decor, plants and furniture marry with the wall. Can only be French, right?).
    Another clever treatment that looks like it evolved organically, with elements of plaster and exposed brick. The industrial vibe is stylishly reinforced by the lighting and furniture.
    This wall hasn’t been given any sort of heavy treatment, perhaps a very light lime wash, but it works really well, especially as a backdrop to vintage mirrors, olde school lighting and furniture.
    So much character in this space, starting with the wide planks on the ceiling to the lime washed walls, huge windows and stained concrete floor. Love it. 
    This family home has all the elements that I adore and wedged in between the white base, the pops of colour, quirky art, prints and patterns, the face brick feature wall gives the room a serious dose of character.

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    1. Charlene on

      Love the white washed effect. Why don’t you try Annie Sloan paint? Just add water if you want a thin layer.

    2. I Want That on

      Charlene, Annie Sloan paint is a great idea! I need to get a few of those freelance payments in and will then be making a call to Marcos, the guy I use for all my paint jobs! (PS: If anyone needs a fab painter, he’s your man.) x Mandy x

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