• This year we’re laying low for Christmas – it’s the first year we haven’t hosted something in a very long time and to be honest i’m relieved! We’ll probably have friends over or go over to friends for something lowkey on Christmas Eve and we’ve got a lunch and a dinner planned at family and friends for Christmas Day. The Captain leaves for a 3 1/2 week sailing race on the 27th and i’m just glad we’re going to spend time together with the Charley Bird and the girls rather than running around looking for mozzarella or almonds or fresh basil or lemons – you know all those last minute things you can’t find in the aisles on Christmas Eve!!

    That doesn’t mean i won’t be turning my attention to dressing our home with Christmas pretties – i’m going to start this week sometime when i can work up the energy to actually get out of bed. But the look i’m going for is gold with plenty of white. I bought a white Christmas tree for a shoot we did a few months ago so that will come in handy and i already have loads of gold baubles and for the rest i’ll raid all my gold and glittery products for a Christmassy feel. Take a look at some of the ideas i’ve got brewing below.


    To make this you’d need a good pair of pliers, wire, leaves, gold spray paint and a lot of patience. I shudder to think what my geo wreath would look like if i were to attempt to make one. Pic found here.


    I’m definitely on the gold pineapple train for Christmas – this moneybox is from Mr Price Home and it costs R89 and i want it!!


    Love the lights! The tutorial to make them can be found here. Typo also does lots of these Marquee lights which can be used for Christmas and then repurposed as pretties the rest of the year.


    White and gold = oh so glam. Check out this website for more white and gold Xmas inspiration.


    I picked up the perfect spray of dried twigs on a walk with Charley a few weeks ago and i can’t wait to spray it gold


    Sprayed pineapples are also a thing and they’re fab


    Even gold used subtley with white looks wonderful. Pic found here.


    This tableau is more on the tradutional side but i like it 81171766b7ed4334b3e79c8e9f9e8133

    Love!! I found it here


    Cute non? Pic from here


    More gold calligraphy loveliness found on this site

    Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 9.24.31 AM

    I have this sequinned tree from Woolies already and it will definitely feature at home – even better is that it’s filled with chocolate balls! It costs R199,95.

    What are you thinking about for Christmas this year?

  • 3 Comments to “A Ritzy Xmas”

    1. Yvonne on

      Love the Gold! This look is gorgeous!

    2. Lizel on

      hosting my first christmas lunch this year….. thanks for the ideas V

    3. Li on

      I’m mad for those reindeer!

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