• Happy Friday lovelies. This one is for the meat-eaters. At home I’ve been making really delicious burger patties instead of buying ready-made ones. They’re good to grill over the gas but  my nine-year old has been whipping up brilliant wood fires on the Weber just because they taste so much better on it (someone mentioned you shouldn’t use wood in the Weber… if anyone knows why please let me know. I’ve Googled to no avail).

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    It’s such a simple combination of ingredients but I really do think I’ve hit on a recipe that ticks all the boxes: tasty, quick and wholesome. Oh, I’m not very good at providing standard measurements. I just gooi until it tastes right so while I don’t want to advocate that you eat raw mince, it does help to taste a teeny bit as you go along to get the balance of flavours right.

    A Really Good Beef Burger Patty (makes about six good-sized burgers)
     1kg good quality beef mince
    TIP When I can afford to, I head to Frankie Fenner or the Woolies at Cavendish or Canal Walk. They mince their meat fresh on the day and it’s super, super tender and slightly more fatty than the mince in the standard punnets.
    * A cup of dried breadcrumbs. This is optional but I find it really helps to bind the patty and give it a nice texture. I use the little containers of chunky toasted breadcrumbs from Woolworths.
    A generous shake (close to a heaped teaspoon) of smoked sweet Spanish paprika
    * A generous pinch or three of dried garlic flakes (around two teaspoons)
    Salt & black pepper (preferably Maldon or some other flakey sea salt)
    * A good glug or two of olive oil
    * A generous pinch or two of Robertson’s Portuguese Chicken Spice 

    Combine all the ingredients and mix by hand. This tenderises the meat and makes sure all the flavour is evenly distributed.
    Form your burger patties into the classic burger shape.
    Put them in the fridge until about fifteen minutes before you’re ready to cook them. There’s a school of thinking that meat should be room temperature before cooking and I find this to be true for other cuts, but I’ve found they keep their shape much better if they get slapped onto heat when they’re slightly cold.
    Rub with a tiny bit of olive oil on your fingers before grilling them.
    As you grill them, sprinkle a little salt and pepper for flavour.
    * My preference is slightly pink in the middle and beautifully seared on the outside.

    To Serve
    I know you don’t need me to tell you how to serve your burger. We all have our thing, but this is how I like it…
    * Lovely, soft white burger rolls. I adore the big burger rolls from Woolies with sesame seeds. I sometimes give mine a quick toast in a pan (when I can be bothered). 
    * Slices of red onion and tomato
    * Finely chopped crisp lettuce
    * I sometimes fry up rings of onion with a few tablespoons of water, sugar and salt until it’s caramelised.
    I always make up a spicy Sriracha-mayonnaise combo but you can also buy it

    That’s it. Super simple and ridiculously delicious.

    * How amazing is that mosaic burger by American artist Jean Wells 

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