• Hello lovelies! This studio apartment feels spacious, despite the fact that the living room and bedroom are in one space and the entire apartment is less than 45m2 – if you’re in this boat, these images might have some inspiration for you. I really love the lean lined, easygoing style and furniture pieces, and i LOVE the green accents – it’s a colour i’m very into at the moment. Nice inspiration if you’re looking at an apartment or have an Air B n B space you want to rent out – who says you have to forego on style because space is limited?!







    Here’s the layout of the space – the kitchen is virtually the same size as the living room – with the entrance hall in the middle.



  • 3 Comments to “A Hardworking Small Space”

    1. Mandy Allen on

      Love this, really, really, love this

    2. Donyale on

      Me too – I love how much breathing space they’ve created without making the space cold and unwelcoming. It’s homely and uncluttered and wonderfully styled.

    3. Cathi on

      Love love this inspiration !! Dankie baie Vicki xx

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