• Hi Lovelies! How are things? I’m in a tweaking things mood at home and since budget is erm, non existent, it’s all sitting on Pinterest in my various folders. The rabbit hole is real and while i’m half in a change-the-girls’-room mode, i keep being drawn to standalone furniture. It’s probably because we have so much in the way of built in cabinetry – you always want what you don’t have, don’t you? Anyway, here is where my head’s at…part reclaimed vintage, part up cycled industrial, now to find a wall with a gap in it!!

    I’ve written about my love of lockers loads of time on the blog and now that we have kids they seem to make so much more sense! I love the idea of a small bank of lockers at a front door for stashing everyone’s stuff that accumulates. You should see our house by the time Sunday comes – utter chaos!

    I love this fifties aesthetic and i love how they lend themselves to wonderful tablescaping opportunities

    This upcycled little cabinet is so sweet – nice for special toys or keepsakes, actually perfect for anything from books to clothes and baby blankets

    I know that part of the reason i love old office furniture so much is because i have so much stuff – especially styling stuff and it’s so nice to be able to store it in different stories – kids stuff in one block, gold stuff and glassware in another – you get my drift

    This pic is an oldie but a goodie –  a glam space that has a lovely old storage unit as a focal point

    So ordinarily i wouldn’t veer towards a grown up armoire like this but i love it’s sanded down-ness and how beautiful it is in its simplicity.

    What say you? Do you have a favourite standalone piece in your home or one that you’re lusting after?

  • 5 Comments to “6 Standalone Cupboards & Drawers I Like”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Love the old storage unit!

    2. heather on

      I am so enjoying receiving your blogs again, Vicki! Its a lovely way to start the working day.

    3. Yvonne on

      Love them all!

    4. iwantthat on

      Heather you made my day, thank you so much!

    5. Felicia on

      those pink lockers ! Divine.
      I now live in Vancouver, and have finally moved into my own place, and bought everything at IKEA. Love it !!
      Tonight I am building a stand alone, not very wide “dresser” with 3 drawers and a few shelves, I can’t wait, as my place doesn’t have much shelving, so clothes are All over the place !
      I have also half built something which I saw some store in SA who import stuff from IKEA , they had them when I was still in SA. A metal, probably 1,2m wide cabinet with 2 doors – RED, love it !
      I’m looking at all your old emails for ideas – although I want to go minimalistic, so not buying anything that is not necessary.

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