• Hello lovelies! I hope you’re well! This morning’s post is about something i’m totally into at the moment – collections of patterned plates and ceramics. After years and years of serving food on all white plates, i am so loving really patterned pieces – it’s such a lovely way to dress a table and to really make a statement when you’re entertaining! I have a set of willow pattern plates i bought from Checkers (if you haven’t seen them there, trust me they’re great and such good quality at bargain prices) and it makes me so happy to go mad with pattern when we have people round.These ceramics are all so beautiful in their own ways – and all about more is more it seems!

    These patterns have a V&A Museum thing about them…love the clashing patterns and colours and the nod to flora and fauna too – these and quite a few of the others in this post are from Anthropologie 

    Speckles, spots and squiggles…this collection is cute but so very contemporary too. There’s also a terrazzo quality to them which i like. They’re by Australian ceramist Leah Jackson 

    If you love the tropical vibe, then i know these will be up your alley…so glam and so OTT! By Spanish designer Andrea Zarraluqui

    I absolutely love this collection – it has a bit of a Cath Kidston quality to it and can be used for a pretty tea table or a shmancy dinner party too – these are also from Anthropologie 

    Such a sweet set of snack plates from Quiet Clementine 

    So, 30 years ago, all the patterning would have been on each and every plate but a modern take means the pattern is split up across an entire set of 16 plates – it’s really clever! They’re by Molly Hatch.

    Spatters and speckles for the win! These are from another Melbourne designer Elnaz Ceramics

    I absolutely love these minimalist platter style plates…love them!

    More of them, shew, so beautiful – not made for saucy food though, it’ll run straight off. Find them here 


    Love botanicals? Well, then lookie here…also from Andrea Zarraluqui

    Love, love, love and love them on a wall as much as on a table. Anthropologie is winning on the tableware front.

    These also get my vote for beauteousness! Find them here 

    Beautiful soaps deserve beautiful boats don’t you think?

    This millennial pink, mint and gold colour palette is so easy on the eye. These are from Baba Souk

    And here’s something for someone with a painterly eye – i found them here 

    Another example of a one-image-over-a-collection concept – and it’s a beaut don’t you think? Also from Molly Hatch

    Credits 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Love the beautiful designs!

    2. Robyn on

      Insert sigh here!!!!!!

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