• Hi lovelies!! Long time no see or speak! I know this year has been a weird one for the blog – i’m just battling to find a rhythm in between life and everything else needs to be done. I’m busy over on Insta though and i’ll always message there if i’ve posted so please do follow my blog and personal feed at @vicki_iwantthat and my decor specific feed over on iwantthat_home

    Since we have a week of rain forecast for Cape Town (hooray!), i thought i’d celebrate with a post i’ve been wanting to share with you for a while – how to bring in green without necessarily potting up more plants. I know i am plant mad which is pretty hilarious since up until a few years ago i killed virtually any plant that crossed my path. Now i love pottering with them – rearranging, checking their soil isn’t too dry and feeding them with organic feed every now and then (did you know used rooibos leaves are great as a natural mulch and bug deterrent?)

    So…today’s post features a major trend that i see getting bigger and bigger – wall mural-esque wallpapers and vinyls, where the repeat pattern is much less prominent and the motif as a whole is the hero. If you scroll down, i’ll share a couple of suppliers who i know and trust. In the meantime, take a peek at what i’ve find…


    This wallpaper might be too bold for some (i think The Captain would have heart failure if we had this in our shared office), but i LOVE it! It;s by American brand Wayfair 


    Here’s another vintage vibe wallpaper – it reminds me a little of the writing paper we used to collect as children. What i do like is how it’s a clever use of a small wall and also means that there is no need for a headboard. Pic from here.



    This leaf floor mat (and its cousins including a pinecone) is all over Pinterest at the moment. It’s super cute and you’ll find it here on Etsy. Wouldn’t a protea one be sweet?


    Love the thought of creating a whimsical bedroom for your littles? Then a creeping plant like this is a must!


    This tropical wallpaper feels very sophisticated – i would probably add some copper or gold accessories to the mix too. Pic from here


    I absolutely love pressed flowers and plants – especially when they are framed! Isn’t this arrangement amaaaazing?!


    Do you love vintage flower prints? Then i know you’ll love these affordable art prints which look like they’ve been made by printing botanicals onto old encyclopaedia pages or similar – download free botanical printable from the V&A here 


    This whimsical wallpaper is just wonderful, don’t you think? It’s by Bloomsy who sell removable wallpapers off Etsy.



    If wallpapering or adding a vinyl to a wall isn’t on your agenda, creating an installation like this using wallpaper offices and old crates might well work for you


    I can’t begin to explain how much i love this watercolour installation – so peaceful and elegant. I found it on the Wayfair wallpaper website.

    Image from here 

    And if nature means a riot of colour and happiness, then i know this meadow wallpaper will please you 😉

    Happy Monday lovelies, here’s a great start to the week!


    Handmade by Me is no longer making product BUT Sera is still producing her incredible wallpaper which we have installed in our kids bathroom and which never fails to impress those who see it

    Robin Sprong can make practically any image into a wallpaper

    My Wall Tattoos has the most beautiful plant motif wall vinyls plus my favourite wall art circles which i think are spectacular – also, they start at R260 making them such an affordable way to make an impact

    For natural art photographs, i highly recommend Natasha van Niekerk – she has so many choices of floral and arbour related photographs, framed or unframed and in groups, pairs or singles plus her service is impeccable

    For pressed flowers and leaves, visit Foraged – such beautiful once-living works of art

  • 6 Comments to “11 Whimsical Ways to bring the Outside In”

    1. Monica Sheldon on

      I absolutely love the first wallpaper, any idea where it comes from?

    2. iwantthat on

      Sorry Monica, the link fell off, i’ve edited. It’s from US brand Wayfair

    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Just love the greenery!

    4. sera on

      Love this post! And thanks so much for the mention : )

    5. Linda d'Holt-Hackner on

      So beautiful! Thank you :)))

    6. Rose McClement on

      Those oversized floral/ tropical wallpapers are so doing it for me. I love the boldness. I do hope that it doesn’t go too commercial.

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