• Hi lovelies! If you live in the Western Cape, you know all about the beating our gardens are taking at the moment – i don’t know about you, but our grass is dead, dead, dead and i just wish we could have a few days of rain to sort things out and fill up our dams! Luckily our grey water system keeps our back garden alive and we’re using buckets from the showers to water everything in planters or pots. If you have or are thinking of creating a balcony garden, of greening your patio or a particular small space – it can still be done despite the water restrictions – its a great way to use the water from your shower or bath and of course its really gratifying to grow something yourself, especially if you can keep it alive. So…here are 8 great small garden ideas that might appeal…


    See that plant shelving unit against the wall? Well you could make one using an old shutter and bolting shelves onto it as a platform for plants


    Old ladders are fantastic for displaying plants – or creating mini herb gardens


    Pallets are a brilliant solution for creating vertical gardens in small spaces! For ready made, affordable pallet gardens – installed on site, visit Pallet Gardens Cape Town 904035eb5b42aa9cab8b2ab940e41608

    It doesn’t take a lot of water to keep a herb garden happy – this genius installation uses three zinc containers stacked one on top of the other, to create a herb garden. I love it!


    How cute is this greenhouse?!


    If you have a courtyard that isn’t utilised as much as it could be, why not consider a mini kitchen garden housed in old wine crates? You’d need tocreate adequate drainage of course but these are fab for easy access plsu they look great! cdbafdafba89f6b0c2ba10366a0c41f9

    Who says a teeny tinu outdoor space can’t be greened?


    Need to create an instant garden? Planters are a must!


    Terracotta pots are my absolute best – Stodels has LOADS of different shapes and sizes


    Isn’t this a lovely, luxe look? screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-1-51-45-pm

    And here’s another wall mounted solution for making the most of a small little balcony!

  • 5 Comments to “11 Lovely Small Garden Ideas”

    1. Colleen on

      Inspiring for a Monday morning – LOVE the first two.

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Grand ideas – in Gauteng with the water restrictions – my lawn is almost dead and weeds are busy taking over the remainder of the garden

    3. iwantthat on

      @Lois – i thought it was only us in the Cape who were restricted? Oh wow, didnt realise it was countrywide. Yip, our plants are dead or dying!

    4. Melanie Farrell on

      I’m so excited that you included a link to Pallet Gardens Cape Town! Thank you so much xx

    5. Lalannie on

      The inspiration I needed. Thank you.

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