• Hello hello! So we’re coming to the end of the Hello Pretty Christmas series and i hope its offered you gift buying and giving inspiration! Hello Pretty really does help make gift giving SO much easier – and so much more original – after all, isn’t the thought of giving and getting an original, handmade product just brilliant? I’m sure you like me though, find buying Christmas gifts all rather dangerous – i often end up with more things for myself than anyone else! With that in mind i’ve created a post based on the beautiful things i’ve seen on my Hello pretty wanderings, which i want, want, want for myself!


    This necklace from Dor+Kie is so quirky and right up my alley because of the charm-like decorative details, i really really like the mix of wood, brass, clay and pearl. It costs R250 and is available from here.


    Ok, so if you’ve got kids you’ll know how your shopping priorities shift the second they’re born. I’ve lost count the amount of times i’ve gone to Cavendish to buy something for myself and walked out with an ‘essential’ item of cute for Charley and now more recently, Ava. I have another onesie from baby brand Love Made Me and i absolutely love it  – and this adorable onesie is so apt since Ava is definitely a snuggler and we are all savouring each and every snuggle we get from her! Buy it here for R170.


    As you already know, i am a total bag lady and i drive The Captain insane when we go away because i have a gajillion bags all assigned to different tasks, from technology cords to individual nappy bags for each child, sunscreens, i could go on. I LOVE this cosmetic bag from bag peeps Willow & Muse and at R120, i think its a lovely buy. You can find it here.


    I’ve been really into my potted plants this year, so this little set of notebooks from Mocho Loco really makes my heart sing. It costs R120 for the three. Buy them here.


    This Table Mountain ring by Natasha Wood is a beauty, don’t you think? I love it! It’s also on special for R380 – buy it here.


    If you love hauling off your work gear the second you walk in the door and popping on some comfy tracksuit pants or leggings, then i know you’ll like these pyjama pants i found. They’re by Love Long Length and they’re specifically designed and made for tall girls – which is a bit tricky for me since i’m only 5ft 1 but i’m wondering whether they’d be prepared to make some for shorties like me? I really really want a pair! They cost R280 – buy them here.


    I’m going back to work again in January and while i’m petrified i’m also excited as i have lots to get stuck into at my daytime job and on the blog too. There’ll be quite a few changes coming which i’m excited about. So that means i need to pay some attention to my work space too, don’t you agree? And this print is just the ticket for inspiration and a daily reminder! Its by Susan Brand and costs R130. Buy it here.


    Isn’t Wolfie cute? He’s made by Wolf and Bear – a local setup who are passionate about raising money for shelter animals! Wolfie costs R550 and you can buy him here

  • 3 Comments to “Have a Hello Pretty Xmas #6”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Great items

    2. Kristi Kyle on

      Hi Vicki,

      What a treat for a customer to contact us & say that we made it onto blog post on your beautiful website. Thank you for featuring our PJs! Of course we can help you with a pair. I’d be happen to arrange a hem up for you.

      I have put our Hello Pretty shop on hold for now, and interested customers can use out http://www.lovelonglength.co.za online shop.

      Many thanks again & all the best for the festive season! What a lovely post!

      Kind regards,
      (Love Long Length)

    3. jade abbott on

      that table mountain ring and the bag are my fav picks 🙂

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