• So, you’ve probably seen that musical megastar Pharrell Williams has teamed up with Woolies to promote their sustainability journey. Well they’ve taken it a step further by launching their #Earthcred campaign.It’s all about taking action in your own life by making better, more sustainable choices, by shopping for food more carefully and by shopping for clothing more carefully. And you get rewarded for doing so. Woolies gives you points for completing various Earthcred tasks and you get rewarded with everything from vouchers to experiences and even a chance to meet Mr Williams himself once you’ve collected certain points. The bigger your points tally, the bigger the rewards.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.41.53 PM

    For my #Earthcred blogger challenge i was asked to show my favourite Christmas lights – which i did on Instagram and Twitter (here’s the pic above).

    The competition i’m running for you readers is Twitter based and if you want to win a whopping R1500 voucher from Woolies, here’s what you have to do…

    Sign up for Earthcred using your W rewards card

    • Earn points by doing things like shopping for Earthcred accredited Woolies products or perform Earthcred good deeds like giving away old clothes or using recycled paper for Christmas wrapping – here are some of the things you can do

    •RULES: always use the hashtags #earthcred and #pharrellwithwoolies

    • The tweet won’t be valid UNLESS both myself @iwantthatnow and @Woolworths_SA are included in the text

    If it’s easier, use this:

    I just entered the @Woolworths_SA and @Iwantthatnow #earthcred challenge by (fill in what you’ve done) #pharrellwithwoolies

    The FIRST reader to achieve 1000 Earthcred points and to tweet me their place on the leaderboard showing they’ve accumulated 1000 points wins the R1500 voucher – it’s that easy!

    The competition runs until December 18th

    The first person who Tweets evidence of their 10 000 points tally on my Twitter timeline is the winner

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