• Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a good weekend! I’m starting off the week with a bang, thanks to our friends at Airloom – my absolute favourite rug brand, who are branching out with a new collection of furniture and decorative smalls i think you’ll like. Rose and David, who own Airloom, have been bringing us beaut rugs at affordable prices for a while now and it’s clear they’ve been hard at work these last few months – not only do they have some fabulous new reversible cotton printed rugs on offer BUT this new range of smaller beauties is really special too!

    I asked Rose about the new developments at Airloom

    “As born and bred Capetonians, my husband and I felt a need to focus on what we could produce locally, thereby helping to create more jobs in our own communities. We set our sights on a range of small décor pieces. And at the beginning of this year, we set up a workshop in Elsies River and started creating the products that we are now proud to call Airloom Décor. Every day I’m amazed at the untapped skills and creativity that we’re surrounded by. This has been an amazing journey, and we’re only just getting started”

    To celebrate the new collection and direction that Airloom is taking, i’ve got THREE R1000 vouchers to give away to 3 of you! All the details are the bottom of this post…but before you scroll down, take a peek at the new products they’ve been developing – not one item is over R1500!

    Let’s start with the side tables…ii’m on a hunt for a couple at the moment but i’ve been pretty blown away by how expensive they all seem to be! If you’re also in the market for affordable but stylish side table solutions, check these ones out – a powder coated steel frame is your base, and a patterned vinyl is your top…



    They cost R899 each! These also come in loads of other options – plus you can buy them in duos and there’s a coffee table option too!


    These cement bowls are so special – rough luxe at work! R450 for 3 Clock_Half_Charcoal_345x345@2x Clock_Half_White_345x345@2x

    These clocks are simple and so chic! R699 each


    I absolutely love this coat rack – it is so timeless! It costs R799.


    And the beechwood Shelfie shelf is also fabulous! R1499.

    The table lamps are really cool too – nothing i’ve seen before and the textured shades are a great way to add some interest to a space that needs some oomph – they come in loads of colours too. They cost R799 each!

    Lamp_Charcoal_Off_1024x1024@2x Pots_Aqua_White_530x@2x Pots_Blush_Charcoal_530x@2x

    I saved these for last because i really, really, really love them SO much and i’m sure many of you will too…aren’t they gorgeous?! They cost R350 each!

    WIN 1 of 3 R1000 vouchers to spend at Airloom! 

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    • Leave a comment below and tell us what you’d spend your WIN on? Will it be a rug, some of these fantastic planters or a side table?






  • 172 Comments to “WIN with Airloom Furniture”

    1. Krenel Lee on

      Ooooh and the indoor plants. Great price!!

    2. Kenneth on

      Those side tables! Wow

    3. Roxanne Chutthergoon on

      I would spend it on the Shelfie! Shared on Twitter: @Roxi_23

    4. Diane Smith on

      Already subscribed to the newsletter and post shared on FB

    5. Sonja on

      I absolutely love the clocks

    6. Charmaine Liang on

      The cement bowls & the planters.

    7. Samantha on

      I would love the side tables ☺️

    8. Kim on

      Definitely that shelfie! It’s beyond cool!

    9. Lisa Matterson on

      I would love the coat hooks or planters! All so beautiful!

    10. Roxanne on

      Definitely a rug! We are moving this month and need a great rug to spruce up our living room!

    11. Maricelle on

      It will definitely be a sidetable. They are lovely!

    12. Este Van Aswegen on

      I love the Beechwood shelfie shelf

    13. Janet W Perry on

      I love the rugs

    14. Abukwe on

      The table lamps are would really come in handy for those late night’s my boyfriend spends studying..

      That is what I would use the prize to buy.

    15. Lisa Harrison on

      I love the gold trim collection.

    16. Maria on

      All of these items are gorgeous, but I would especially love the shelfie for our new home!

    17. Colette van der Merwe on

      Definitely a snug rug

    18. Carol Labuschagne on

      I’d use the voucher towards a rug – they are beautiful

    19. Jo on

      Those side tables are divine!

    20. Mutonda on

      Side table

    21. Anna-Marie Lourens on


    22. Kerry van Niekerk on

      Definitely the cost rack – just love it!!

    23. Fralene van Niekerk on

      Definitely a rug! Love all your products!

    24. rehana seedat on

      i love the clocks

    25. emlyn THOMAS on

      The table lamps

    26. Daniela on

      love the HERRINGBONE RUG and the Sky Pot and 3-set bowls

    27. Cathy B on

      in love with the Gently Worn Rug https://www.airloom.co.za/collections/rugs/products/rug-in-out-gentlyworn

    28. Heather de Beer on

      I would buy a rug for my revamped me-space!

    29. bev breeds on

      love the side tales, just what i am looking for

    30. wendy s on

      definitely some side tables for the enclosed patio

    31. Chalene C on

      would love the side tables and the sky pots

    32. Glen on

      the side tables

    33. kamilah francis on

      I love the side tables

    34. kelly warriner on

      My fiancé and I are moving into our new little flat after our wedding in September next month, and as we own absolutely no furniture, I would love to spend this voucher on a coffee table or a rug to make our flat look like a home

    35. Seshnie on

      Side tables definitely

    36. Sandy Meyer on

      Love EVERYTHING but will choose the sidetables!!

    37. Lillian on

      We are busy with home fix up and make over. Would love a rug,coat hook or Big wall clock.

    38. Kim Dyer on

      Definitely a rug and also keen on some indoor planters… so gorgeous!

    39. Ncuthwa Asheron on

      Definetly i would spend it on side tables because its what i need the most❤

    40. Petra Van der Merwe on

      Definitely one of the side tables, so beautiful 🙂

    41. Kate on

      I would absolutely love the side tables! I’ve just moved into my new house & have been hunting high and low for an affordable coffee table solution. These would be perfect.

    42. Doris Logie on

      Am loving the side tables, so would spend my voucher on that….but then again am loving the hat and coat rack too……and the clocks….and…and…

    43. Donae on

      ummm..the coat rack…or the bowls…or the side tables…so hard…its all so nice!

    44. Sarah Bell on

      Set of 3 light pots! stunning.

    45. Manjoo Rughunandan on

      I love the rug and flower pot
      It’s cool ,it will look nice on my patio

    46. Chantelle heydenrych on

      Definitely a rug for our main bedroom! It is such a cold room so a rug would make such a huge difference!

    47. Jodi on

      LOVE the side tables!!

    48. Tana on

      A rug!!!

    49. Erica on

      My house NEEDS those side tables and maybe a rug too…

    50. Tania van der Merwe on

      oooh most definetely on a reversible rug

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