• Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a good weekend! I’m starting off the week with a bang, thanks to our friends at Airloom – my absolute favourite rug brand, who are branching out with a new collection of furniture and decorative smalls i think you’ll like. Rose and David, who own Airloom, have been bringing us beaut rugs at affordable prices for a while now and it’s clear they’ve been hard at work these last few months – not only do they have some fabulous new reversible cotton printed rugs on offer BUT this new range of smaller beauties is really special too!

    I asked Rose about the new developments at Airloom

    “As born and bred Capetonians, my husband and I felt a need to focus on what we could produce locally, thereby helping to create more jobs in our own communities. We set our sights on a range of small décor pieces. And at the beginning of this year, we set up a workshop in Elsies River and started creating the products that we are now proud to call Airloom Décor. Every day I’m amazed at the untapped skills and creativity that we’re surrounded by. This has been an amazing journey, and we’re only just getting started”

    To celebrate the new collection and direction that Airloom is taking, i’ve got THREE R1000 vouchers to give away to 3 of you! All the details are the bottom of this post…but before you scroll down, take a peek at the new products they’ve been developing – not one item is over R1500!

    Let’s start with the side tables…ii’m on a hunt for a couple at the moment but i’ve been pretty blown away by how expensive they all seem to be! If you’re also in the market for affordable but stylish side table solutions, check these ones out – a powder coated steel frame is your base, and a patterned vinyl is your top…



    They cost R899 each! These also come in loads of other options – plus you can buy them in duos and there’s a coffee table option too!


    These cement bowls are so special – rough luxe at work! R450 for 3 Clock_Half_Charcoal_345x345@2x Clock_Half_White_345x345@2x

    These clocks are simple and so chic! R699 each


    I absolutely love this coat rack – it is so timeless! It costs R799.


    And the beechwood Shelfie shelf is also fabulous! R1499.

    The table lamps are really cool too – nothing i’ve seen before and the textured shades are a great way to add some interest to a space that needs some oomph – they come in loads of colours too. They cost R799 each!

    Lamp_Charcoal_Off_1024x1024@2x Pots_Aqua_White_530x@2x Pots_Blush_Charcoal_530x@2x

    I saved these for last because i really, really, really love them SO much and i’m sure many of you will too…aren’t they gorgeous?! They cost R350 each!

    WIN 1 of 3 R1000 vouchers to spend at Airloom! 

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    • Leave a comment below and tell us what you’d spend your WIN on? Will it be a rug, some of these fantastic planters or a side table?






  • 172 Comments to “WIN with Airloom Furniture”

    1. Zandile Dlamini on

      I would spend it on a new rug.

    2. Ilana Maree on

      Love wooden decor and I am so in love with the wooden clocks

    3. Isabella on

      Love them all but right now I would go with the pot plants that would be the perfect addition to my home office that I am currently decorating 🙂 The selfie shelf will be next on my wishlist.

    4. Nici de Wet on

      I love them all but as I have none a side table would be so useful and the plus is it looks so beautiful too!

    5. Taufeeqah on

      I am absolutely in love with the side tables! This giveaway is so awesome and seriously comes at the perfect time as my husband and I are moving into a new place soon.Would deffinately love to be one of the lucky winners ☺

    6. Tara Peel on

      Absolutely love everything!! By since I’ve been looking for something just like this for a while now -I’d have to choose the beechwood shelfie shelf! Probably would get the gold and white clock too (and a few pots). R1000 voucher would definitely help! Holding thumbs!!

    7. Ruth Bosworth on

      I would by your beautiful pots Would love a clock too Just love your minimal style So eye catching

    8. Michelle bailey on

      Love the new wall clocks & the peddle coat hanger – very nice range

    9. Selina Orgill on

      Definitely the selfie shelf!

    10. Julie Lunn on

      I would love to buy the succulent planters ❤️

    11. Lizelle Clampett on

      Definitely a new rug, or runners for our cold tiles, or one of the stunning wall clocks! So exciting!

    12. Aletia Marais on

      Definitely the stunning coat rack! Much needed in our house…

    13. Tamlyn Jacobus on

      Their side tables are amazing,as someone who doesn’t have one in my living room I think it would perfectly! The style is sleek, chic and minimal. Such affordability for exceptional quality!

    14. Kerry Shepherdson on

      I have been lusting after Airloom rugs since I first saw them. Definitely want one!

    15. Nikki on

      Love love the planters, but would like to buy a rug too! Won’t be an easy decision.

    16. Kirsten on

      Ooh. I’d go for a clock or a few planters. Gorgeous!



    18. Kathryn Liddell on

      A new rug is what I need.

    19. Melanie on

      I would definitely put my voucher towards the Shelfie Shelfie. Love it!

    20. Anisha Hauptfleisch on

      Definitely some planters! They give more life to any area and they help give good vibes!

    21. Lyn on

      Hmmm the Shelfie shelf… or the vintage patchwork rug? SO hard to choose.

    22. Jade on

      The wood vinyl flooring is amazing! Would definitely go towards that 🙂

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