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    Hi lovelies!! This prize really is a special one and i’ve been holding out on sharing it with you until i could give some proper time to sharing the concept with you. To be honest, up until a few months ago i didn’t know the Engelsrufer brand at all – until i spotted one around my sister’s neck after her last wedding anniversary (she’d given her husband clear ‘hints’ as to what she wanted) and then when i walked past Spilhaus days later, i saw the selection they have in the window and couldn’t help stopping in my tracks.

    Engelsrufer pendants are sound ball pendants set in a variety of metals and on a variety of chain choices. These beautiful pieces of bling have a deeper more mystical meaning…the name means Angel Whisperer and the idea is that the delicate little sound balls call your angels to watch over and guide you.


    The “Engelsrufer” comes in 3 sizes and inside of the basket, which can be opened, there is a sound ball. There are 9 balls to choose from and each colour has its own specific meaning – from green for hope, health, balance and honesty to orange for power, self esteem and activity. As someone who is BIG on wearing talismans (i never leave the house without wearing certain pendants and i am very superstitious about being aware of them when travelling or at a big meeting or shoot), the Engelsrufer concept really appeals to me. Also, the chiming balls feels special since i wore a sound ball when i was pregnant with Charley and she now wears it often (i may have told her that there are fairies watching over inside of it).


    With the Engelsrufer concept, you can really go to town…

    You start with your pendant choice in silver, yellow or rose gold

    Then…can choose from a variety of crystal, patterned or solid colour sound balls and they also have chakra pendants

    And…a variety of necklace choices (from silver to rose or yellow gold, stone or even satin) too…

    And then add an angel wing charm too

    Ok, got how they work? Would you like to WIN one of your own?

    I’m offering one lucky reader a chance to win an Engelsrufer Necklace with a pendant and ball to the value of R5000!

    What you need to do:

    • Like I Want That on Fscebook

    • Like Engelsrufer on Facebook

    • Post a comment below and say what your dream Engelsrufer necklace would include

    • Share this post on your social media channels (don’t forget to tell me you’ve done it so i can cross check)

    The competition ends next Friday 10 March and is open to SA residents only

  • 183 Comments to “WIN Jewellery from Engelsrufer worth R5000!”

    1. Alison on

      Silver pendant, silver angel wing with red soundball

    2. Sue-Ann Zerf on

      Silver pendant, red soundball and silver angel wing.
      Liked and shared on Facebook

    3. Jacolien on

      BASKET -Silver
      WING -Silver
      SOUND BALL – Green
      Liked and Shared on Facebook

    4. Losh Don Kisten on

      rose gold pendant with Engelsrufer “Heart” Sound Ball Chakra Pendant with a Engelsrufer Yellow Gold Medium Crystal Angel Wing Pendant..This is INDEED a beautiful giveaway, I love the symbolic significance Sound chakra heart which relates to all things beautiful & harmonious – It resonates with me…liked n sharing on FB & Twitter..:-)

    5. chantal esterhuizen on

      I would love the plain rose gold Engelsrufer with the rose gold chain and the brown pearl sound ball 🙂 shared on facebook ( Chantal Esterhuizen ) and twitter ( @chantalesterhu1)

    6. Eve on

      I would love the silver medium Engelsrufer with zirconia stones, black sound ball and round link silver necklace with angel wing pendant !

    7. Este van Aswegen on

      I love the Rose Gold definitely a wing also in Rose Gold then a pearl ball

    8. Tania Joy Fredericks on

      Good morning
      I would LOVE to own rose combo. Love the cage with a black sound ball and a rose gold angel wings. This would so much my day. Thanks so much

    9. Kelly jennings on

      Silver pendant, silver chain, solid sound ball in purple and an angle wing

    10. Mariechen Schoeman on

      Pendant – Large with tassle or Grey with Crystals

      Sound ball – Black Crystal

      Necklace – Silver

      Angel wing charm – Grey Crystal

      Liked both pages and shared competition.

      Now holding thumbs.

    11. Rentia botha on

      I love the rosegold necklace, with a pearl ball abd a wing

    12. Deepeka Behari on

      Rose gold chain and rose gold angel wings @iwantthat.co.za @Engelsrufer South Africa

    13. Angel Markus on

      my dream would be a yellow gold necklace with a yellow gold angel wing and a white sound ball

    14. Rizanne Louw on

      Anything in the beautiful rose gold

    15. J. Elizabeth Viljoen on

      I would love the Engelsrufer Tear of Heaven pendant.

    16. Lisel on

      What I have my eye on is….
      Engelsrufer Rose Gold Large White Sound Ball Pendant
      Engelsrufer 42mm Crystal Angel Wing Pendant

    17. Janine Combrink on

      Oh Wow ! So hard to choose from such a variety of gorgeousness ! I would choose the Silver Angel wing pendant with crystals and the Silver Engelsrufer with the white sound ball or the Black Angel wing with grey stones and Silver Engelsrufer with black sound ball. They are all so lovely.

    18. Eve on

      I love the rose gold necklace and rose gold heart pendant with black sound ball inside and a black angel wing charm. Lovely gift. Would mean a lot to me.

    19. Theola Ernest on

      Amazing giveaway!
      Basket – pendant with tassel in silver
      Ball – Grey
      Chain/necklace – silver

      Thank you 🙂

    20. Marie on

      Rose is gentle and tender, it gives hope and calmness in difficult times; therefore I wish for a rose gold Engelsrufer Korean Chain, with an Engelsrufer Rose Crystal Sound Ball to call my guardian angels to my side… and perhaps a small angel wing pendant made of rose gold plated sterling silver.
      Thank you!

    21. Marie on

      I shared on facebook and also tweeted.
      Rose is gentle and tender, it gives hope and calmness in difficult times; therefore I wish for a rose gold Engelsrufer Korean Chain, with an Engelsrufer Rose Crystal Sound Ball to call my guardian angels to my side… and perhaps a small angel wing pendant made of rose gold plated sterling silver.
      Thank you!

    22. Wyona Landman on

      Yes please the Rose Gold , Wing in Rose Gold and White Sound Ball

    23. Riette Muller on

      I would absolutely LOVE having an Engelsrufer of my own! It would be a beautifule daily reminder of my little girl who passed away in my arms about 2 years ago.

      My dream Engelsrufer would be:Pendant choice -silver. White Crystal soundball with Silver Wings, Silver Oval link Necklace.

      I have commented and shared!

      Holding thumbs for myself!

    24. lisa on

      I’d love the rose gold cage and wing with the green ball – I’m also one for a talisman. 🙂

    25. Margo on

      I would love the Engelsrufer Rose Gold Large Green Sound Ball Pendant with a small rose gold angel wing.

    26. Candice Vincent on

      I would love the rose gold necklace, rose gold angel wing and pink sound ball pendant

    27. Angi van Heerden on

      I would love a silver necklace, silver pendant and purple soundball!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

    28. Sam on

      Would love to win a rose gold diamante pendant with white sound ball and black angel wing charm.

    29. jade on

      Mine would be:
      Engelsrufer Small Black Sound Ball Pendant
      Engelsrufer White Sound Ball
      Engelsrufer 80cm White Satin Necklace
      Engelsrufer Yellow Gold Small Angel Wing Pendant

    30. Annelize Gouws on

      Rose Gold Pendant, crystal ball, Rose Gold necklace and the black angel wing. I am just so in ❤ with this. Liked, loved & shared ❤ Liked, loved & shared ❤ Liked, loved & shared ❤ Liked, loved & shared ❤ on Facebook Annelize Gouws , Instagram annelize_gouws, Twitter annelize.gouws

    31. Edna on

      Rose Gold Ball Pendant
      Rose Gold Angel Wing
      Rose Gold Chain
      White Sound Ball

    32. Jolanda Julies on

      Absolutely stunning,love the silver necklace,silver pendant and purple soundball.

    33. Anelise le Roux on

      I bouht a silver wing charm and the earings last year…. so to complete my set I would love to have a crystal sound ball…. so many people have compimented me on my beautiful jewellery!

    34. Emma Campbell on

      My ideal pendant would be all Rose Gold; pendant, wing and chain with either a white or a clear crystal ball inside. Fingers Crossed.

      Liked and Shared on Facebook!

    35. Sandika Daya on

      I love the Rose Ball and feather combo. Liked on Facebook and shared on Twitter @SandiSplash ☺️

    36. Nicola Mansfield on

      Rose gold diamond cut chain,
      with rose gold medium white sound ball pendant,
      and rose gold medium angel wing pendant.
      Just beautiful.

    37. Nicole Naicker on

      Rose gold round link necklace on medium pendant with White Crystal sound ball and angel wing pendant love it

    38. Neevashnee Viranna on

      My favourite collection. The Angel’s live so close to my heart.
      Cage -Silver
      Sound ball – Green
      Wing- Silver
      Chain- Silver

      Thank u so much. Thumbs up

    39. Michelle on

      Silver chain, basket and wing with blue soundball

    40. Adeline on

      Rose gold heart with a diamond in the centre, two angel wings on a rose gold pedant

    41. Zoe du Bruyn on

      I love the rose gold pendant with the angel wing ❤

    42. Chezare Naude on

      Silver necklace, silver pendant, crystal ball and black angel wing

    43. Angel Markus on

      i would LOVE the YELLOW gold Pendant with the WHITE angel wing And White White Sound BAll . STUNNING

    44. Natasha on

      I would love a silver pendant with a mint sound ball and silver necklace and a small angel wing pendant.
      Liked and shared on facebook

    45. Thandie Phakati on

      I love the one with grey crystals large white sound ball. Absolutely stunning.

    46. Gareth Markus on

      i would love to give my wife the yellow gold pendant with the yellow gold wing and the white sound ball !!! i would love to spoil here with this !!

    47. Christelle on

      Silver necklace, silver pendant and pink sound ball.

    48. Samantha on

      Silver chain
      Silver pendant
      Crystal multicoloured ball
      And an angel wing charm

      Liked both on facebook

      Holding thumbs!!!!!! Beautiful prize 🙂

    49. Natasha van Rooyen on

      Oh my gosh!!! I have been dreaming about having the exact same one as in the picture for forever!!! I would love the rose gold necklace with Rose gold crystal angel wing and the Zirconia rose gold pendant with a white sound ball. Please please please can I win this!!! I have liked all pages and also shared on facebook!!

    50. Angel Markus on

      i would love the yellow gold chain with the yellow gold pendant and the yellow gold wing with a white sound ball !!!

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