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    Hi lovelies!! This prize really is a special one and i’ve been holding out on sharing it with you until i could give some proper time to sharing the concept with you. To be honest, up until a few months ago i didn’t know the Engelsrufer brand at all – until i spotted one around my sister’s neck after her last wedding anniversary (she’d given her husband clear ‘hints’ as to what she wanted) and then when i walked past Spilhaus days later, i saw the selection they have in the window and couldn’t help stopping in my tracks.

    Engelsrufer pendants are sound ball pendants set in a variety of metals and on a variety of chain choices. These beautiful pieces of bling have a deeper more mystical meaning…the name means Angel Whisperer and the idea is that the delicate little sound balls call your angels to watch over and guide you.


    The “Engelsrufer” comes in 3 sizes and inside of the basket, which can be opened, there is a sound ball. There are 9 balls to choose from and each colour has its own specific meaning – from green for hope, health, balance and honesty to orange for power, self esteem and activity. As someone who is BIG on wearing talismans (i never leave the house without wearing certain pendants and i am very superstitious about being aware of them when travelling or at a big meeting or shoot), the Engelsrufer concept really appeals to me. Also, the chiming balls feels special since i wore a sound ball when i was pregnant with Charley and she now wears it often (i may have told her that there are fairies watching over inside of it).


    With the Engelsrufer concept, you can really go to town…

    You start with your pendant choice in silver, yellow or rose gold

    Then…can choose from a variety of crystal, patterned or solid colour sound balls and they also have chakra pendants

    And…a variety of necklace choices (from silver to rose or yellow gold, stone or even satin) too…

    And then add an angel wing charm too

    Ok, got how they work? Would you like to WIN one of your own?

    I’m offering one lucky reader a chance to win an Engelsrufer Necklace with a pendant and ball to the value of R5000!

    What you need to do:

    • Like I Want That on Fscebook

    • Like Engelsrufer on Facebook

    • Post a comment below and say what your dream Engelsrufer necklace would include

    • Share this post on your social media channels (don’t forget to tell me you’ve done it so i can cross check)

    The competition ends next Friday 10 March and is open to SA residents only

  • 183 Comments to “WIN Jewellery from Engelsrufer worth R5000!”

    1. Nusrat Isaacs on

      I would absolutely love the silver pattered ball and pearl. Likes both pages and will now share this awesone giveaway

    2. Shani Donaldson on

      Would love a Engelsrufer Large Sound Ball Pendant with a Grey Sound Ball on a Grey Satin Necklace (80cm) with silver angel wings please….these are just heavenly….
      Done and dusted all requirements <3

    3. Lillian Olivier on

      My engelsrufer necklace would iclude a Silver Pendant with a white solid colour sound ball. Silver neclace with the extra large crystal angel wings pendant!

      Would make my year….so far it has been tuff from 19 January 2016….when my mom passed away…..woyld love to wear the angel wing…..for it remind me of my angel mom in heavan. Thanks

    4. Nicol Hammond on

      i want i want i need i need wow omg this single mom could never afford these angel wings and i am dying for it to go on my neck and remain close to my heart in memory of my late mom and gran my 2 lady angels in heaven i miss so much words cant explain xxx

    5. Linda Laing on

      I would love the rose gold pendant and chain with the angel wing cause it makes me think my parents, two sisters and two brothers who have passed on are watching over their little sister. Shared on twitter and face book and liked both pages

    6. Shelley Wessels on

      I’d love a silver necklace with a rose gold pendants and angel wings. Anything I can add over and above that would be pure spoils! 🙂

    7. Monique on

      My dream Engelsrufer combo (its my Birthday on the 28th of March) would be:
      * Engelsrufer 80cm Turquoise Stone Necklace
      * Engelsrufer Large Crystal Angel Wing Pendant
      * Engelsrufer With Tassle Large White Sound Ball Pendant
      * Engelsrufer Turquoise Crystal Sound Ball

    8. Liezel on

      I would love:
      * A Rose Gold Medium Pendant
      * A Rose Gold Angel Wing Pendant
      * A Turquoise Sound Ball

    9. Leanne Alford on

      A long rose gold chain and pendant 🙂

    10. Leanne Alford on

      Shared on twitter via @LittleMissLee86 🙂

    11. Leana Lourens on

      Pendant choice – Yellow gold
      Engelsrufer with zirconia yellow gold large white sound ball pendant
      Added angel wings
      Please, thank you 🙂

    12. Nicol Hammond on

      Pendant = Rose Gold
      Solod Color Sound Ball
      Necklace = Rose Gold
      Angel Wing = Silver

    13. Kamilah Francis on

      Silver chain and red textured sound bell and small angel wings.Liked shared tweeted

    14. Daniella Grauso on

      I would love tow in this prize,
      I cannot wear anything fake nor costume items.
      I would love this is rose gold as it is my favorite , from green for hope, health, balance the green would mean so much to have.
      Pendant = Rose Gold
      greeen Color Sound Ball
      Necklace = Rose Gold
      Angel Wing = Silver

      Shared and holding thumbs 🙂 thanks for this amazing prize opportunity

    15. Cornell Botha on

      My dream Engelsrufer necklace :
      Engelsrufer Big Sound Ball Pendant
      Engelsrufer Mint Sound Ball
      Engelsrufer Round Link Necklace 90cm
      Engelsrufer Small Angel Wing Pendant
      Shared on :


      a rose gold pendant and a crystal wing charm on a rose gold necklace please

    17. Chantal on

      Perfect as is …..rose gold ball and silver angel wing.

    18. Shantel Govender on

      Rose gold sound ball and angel wings .

    19. Anusha Naidoo on

      Rose Gold Pendant and Rose Gold Chain with an Angel Wing
      To remind me of my precious husband who flies high with the angels in Gods home in heaven above. Miss him dearly….

    20. thea lennox on

      Rose Gold Pendant and Rose Gold Chain with an Angel Wing . Wow so stunning. Always angels watching over us

    21. Nicol Hammond on

      I would even love to win the exact duplicate of the image or rose gold chain pendant and ball
      im inlove beyond love

    22. Priscilla on

      Rose gold soundball with white ball

    23. Angel on

      I would LOVE THE YELLOW gold necklace with yellow gold pendant ant with yellow gold wing with a white sound ball

    24. Luzelke Austin on

      I already have a sliver pendant with white sound ball and silver chain but I would love a fatima’s hand pendant. It is so beautiful.

    25. Annatjie Oelofse on

      My dream Engelsrufer combo (its was my Birthday on the 9th of March) would be:
      * Engelsrufer 80cm Turquoise Stone Necklace
      * Engelsrufer Large Crystal Angel Wing Pendant
      * Engelsrufer With Tassle Large White Sound Ball Pendant
      * Engelsrufer Turquoise Crystal Sound

    26. Liezle Badenhorst on

      I’ve been wanting a Engelsrufer with Zirconia and Rose gd with large white ball, a rose gold chain and rose gold
      angel wing for the lo best time. Hubby is saving up for our 10 year wedding anniversary 1 Sept, but we can only afford the bottom of the range. This would be so special to win.

    27. Merusba naicker on

      This is such an awesome giveaway. I have always wanted my very own Engelsrufer chain. I would love to win a rose gold crystal with angel wings.

    28. Lizette Howell on

      Rose Gold Pendant and Rose Gold Chain with an Angel Wing . Wow so stunning. Always wanted one of these. Only learnt about it en of last year and now im in love ❤❤❤❤

    29. Brenda Fernandes on

      Rose gold with the angel wing and a white ball as in your blog I really do believe in angels they help me everyday would be awesome to have this …to communicate with my special angel that has protected and helped me many times

    30. Gareth on

      I would make my wife’s year if I won this , I would like a yellow gold chain , yellow gold pendant , white Angel wing and white sound ball.

    31. Terrilee Ferreira on

      Would love the silver moon pendant with black sound ball and a diamond cut ball chain with extra large crystal angel wing pendant

    32. Patricia Edwards on

      The silver ball with the silver wings. Elegant and my kind of style

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