• Hi lovelies! I realise that talking about laundry isn’t the sexiest way to get your attention, but if you don’t know why you need a Spindel in your life, allow me to elaborate (If you are based in the Western Cape you’ll appreciate this giveaway particularly since it was so wet yesterday). The Spindel is the energy and pocket friendly solution to any wet weather laundry woes. Its a mobile appliance that is small enough to be tucked into your broom cupboard but big enough to hold up to a 6.5kg washing load (that’s 4 king size sheets) – and what it gives you in terms of time and electricity costs saved is pretty brilliant.


    How the Spindel works:

    • It’s a spinning machine – which means once your wet, machine spun washing is placed in it, it is spun some more – it has twice the spinning ability of a washing machine

    • The Spindle removes excess water – which means your washing dries twice as fast

    • Each Spindel cycle takes just 3 minutes – that’s a lot less energy that a tumble drier uses (in fact, it’s up to 70% less)

    If tumble drying costs are killing you and if your line dried clothes are taking forever and a day to actually dry, then this nifty machine is for you!

    The Spindel comes in two sizes – a 4.5kg and a 6.5kg

    Want to WIN a Spindel?

    • Leave a comment below and tell me why you need a Spindel in your life and which one would work for you?

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    *The giveaway ends on 9 August and is open to SA residents only

  • 86 Comments to “WIN a Spindel!”

    1. Chivonne on

      With a (brand new, fresh out the oven) baby on the way I think I’m going to need one of these – and let’s not kid ourselves – I’m going to need a big daddy size! Besides for helping all the extra washing getting done quicker – using a tumble dryer is out of the question – we are going to have to count all our cents!

    2. Lizel Roman on

      OMGOSH!!!!!! YES PLEASE!!!!! I am a first time mom…my son is almost 6 months (can’t believe my baby is growing so fast) I never knew that they literally fly through clothes and blankets….. I am in need of this machine, it will be the answer to my washing nightmare …… shared

    3. jade abbott on

      I live in a flat that doesn’t have washing lines in the complex so I’m having to take my clothes to a laundry which is really costing me a lot of money and I’ve been doing this for a year now so I’d like to change this. Also having a Spindel will really help with the quick washing I need done, like dirty dry off clothes but more importantly for when there’s a spill or a mess I’ll be able to soak it out immediately and dry it without having to wait for when the laundry is open to take my items to have washed and dried. I’ve been wanting a Spindel since it launched in SA because I just think it’s an amazing product and really is helpful.

    4. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Being on a fixed minimal pension the SPINDEL would be an answer to my dilemma of rising costs of electricity Holding thumbs to WIN!

    5. ruth t on

      Yes PLEASE!!!!
      I have TWIN babies in CLOTH nappies!!!
      We wash a lot every day and the nappies need to dry quickly!!!
      The big Spindle would be a life-saver for me!!!!!
      (Financially and for the environment!)

      Fingers crossed!!

    6. LiezelTee on

      OMG I need this, my washing for me and my baby takes about 3-4 days to dry at the moment HELP! I reckon either one would be a godsend!

    7. Yogana Reddy on

      This will be great, as we are trying to implement cost saving methods at home and this will be great way to reduce the bills

    8. Megan Hartwig on

      Would LOVE to win this, have always wanted one. For some Reason it always rains on the weekend when I want to do all the kids school laundry. This would be a #LaundryLifesaver. Would be Over The Moon if I could win this. Fingers and toes crossed. Love the fact that it saves time and energy. A win all round! You would be an asset to my home.

    9. Hanli on

      This has been on my wishlist for a while, because it saves electricity and time, and also because it preserves your fabrics! Win-win-win. I would find the 6.5kg Spindel the most useful for my family.

    10. Sam Lustig on

      Please please please! As the mom of sporty twin boys, we work the washing machine overtime! The bigger Spindel would be a lifesaver!

    11. Sharleen Deacon on

      I look after my little grandson and need I say more!! Winter and wet clothes is a nightmare

    12. Les waddilove on

      Its all part of the plan to live greener…another way to make a difference

    13. Cirsten on

      I’ve always wanted one. We got prepaid electricity and lately I’ve been watching the meter go down each time our tumble dryer is on. Our courtyard where the washline is very shady and takes days for washing to dry and we not allowed to put it anywhere else. We live in a valley so it’s very cold with not much sun. This would certainly help our electricity bill.

    14. Lindi Scholtz on

      SPINTABULOUS!!! I have heard only exclamation marks about this product.
      As my husband’s motto “cleanliness is next to godliness” creates a huge amount of washing for me, I would love to win the 6.5kg Spindel! Since our neighbours next door built their two storey house, our washing line is now bathed in shade, where once there was sun…! The fact that Spindel gets rid of MOST of the excess water and the fact that the electricity spent on our tumble drier would be a thing of the past, truly would make a win SPINTABULOUS!!!

    15. Tenneille Francis on

      My daughter goes through so much clothes as she gets dirty so often while playing and in winter its a mission for her clothes to get dry. A Spindle is a dream come true for me I would just LOVE to have one! And its super fancy too 🙂

    16. Tracy Jacobs on

      Yes please! Save big time on electricity as opposed to a normal tumbledryer and our courtyard is in shade all year round.

    17. Laura on

      Energy-efficient, time saving and Cape Town damp-winter-resistant: yes please! For extra efficiency, I would go for the 6.5kg Spindle.

    18. Barbara Kuhn on

      Would so love to have a Spindel! Its been on my wish list for ages now. With two children entering monster years (sorry meant to type teenage years) there is a constant mountain of washing in the laundry to accommodate their different sport activities, school clothes but mainly their inability to stick to one outfit a day. As a working Mom my washing time is left for weekends and often the weather does not play along to get before mentioned mountain of washing dry. With a tumble dryer that hails from the prehistoric era hubby has a mini heart attack every time I use it as it absorbs electricity faster than a speeding bullet! Would so very very much appreciate a Spindel – and if possible the 6.5 kg to accommodate said mountain of washing….

    19. Vernon Moulton on

      I need a spindle because I’m a single guy that lives in an apartment and have NO domestic help!!!! This will make washday blues simply spin away!!!!

    20. Kelly Jennings on

      I definitely need this with 2 active school going children, i cant always get their clothing dry in time
      I don’t mind either size

    21. Nicole Naicker on

      Really need this for all my delicates with the inclement weather clothes and garments takes longer to dry

    22. Este van Aswegen on

      I need this our complex are build so weird washing lines never get sun in winter and with two small boys that are always playing outside feels like my whole house is one drying rack everywhere is clothes that are still drying

    23. Melanie Pieterkosky on

      6 people and many animals means a thousand loads of laundry that never dries. Also the water that comes out of clothing can be reused as grey water, perfect for the drought.

    24. anneeda on

      Oh yes please!The Spindel will be godsent! Its so cold where we live and I can’t afford a tumble dryer and don’t have space for it either. This would help immensely!

    25. Losh Don Kisten on

      OMG yoou had me at faster drying, lower energy costs and reduced damage to fabrics – I so NEED this for my home – It would totally be a life saving appliance …does size really matter when it does wonders..:-) – love to win

    26. Carolyn Augustus on

      I definitely need the 6.5kg one. I’m a shift working wife and mom of a teen and toddler so i have washing upon washing, it’s a never ending story. This Spindle will lighten my laundry load and free up more time for me to spend with my family.

    27. Diana on

      I have a big family and I am constantly using my washing machine. I absolutely dread winter because well, let’s face it – Summer is so warm and sunny and great! But also, with all the washing that I need to do, the tumble dryer is used overtime! I always cringe at all the electricity that is being wasted!

    28. Diana on

      Oh! I forgot to say that the 6.5kg one would be ideal 🙂



    30. Anita Steenkamp on

      I would love to win this, because I have a new baby on the way and it would definitely help with all the loads of washing, I love that it will save me on time and electricity!

    31. Kirsty Robinson on

      I would love to have the 6.5kg one. We’re a family of 4, with a 3 year old and 3 month old and I can’t tell you how much washing there is on a daily basis. My eldest loves being outdoors and playing in the sand and dirt so he’s clothes are almost always filthy at the end of each day. My 3 month old is a happy spitter and we’re constantly having to change bibs and clothes throughout the day and the washing just keeps piling. With it being winter the clothes take forever to dry and the spindel would help with the drying.

    32. Carmen Hassam on

      We need the spindel because we have 2 toddlers and it’s been cold, raining on and off in Cape Town so it’s been difficult getting their clothes dried!! I love that it does not take up alot of space!! So fingers crossed!!!!!!

    33. Lynn Botha on

      I would love to win the 6.5kg one.. I have 2 young children aged 6 and 5, and the amount of washing these 2 give me, it’s unbelievable. I work all day so I can only wash on weekends, and there is such a short amount of time to get all the washing even partially dry. This would be a lifesaver by cutting the hanging out time… a real lifesaver

    34. Karen on

      We live off the grid on a farm near Greyton and so a tumble dryer is not an option for us. We have a solar power system which works really well. We already are super vigilant about power, solar levels and what appliances utilize in terms of power. We never use a microwave or hairdryer. The Spindel would be perfect for us, and we can even check the power output on our control panel while it’s working. I think 4.5 kg would be fine for us, a little family of 4, as we don’t want to overdo it on the power.
      Thanks so much!

    35. Kim Richter on

      Laundry is most definitely not sexy but the Spindel does seem to offer a solution to so many domestic issues. As a time and energy (hence money) saver; as a lifeline to clothes that it spares from the tumble drier; and with its impressive eco-credentials and compact design, the Spindel would be a godsend in our home. With our family of five, we would need to go with the bigger baby. Great giveaway for us busy moms, thank you.

    36. Taryn on

      I.need.this..please! For some reason I didn’t enter your giveaway last year and when the wet weather hit this year I still said to myself I should’ve entered last year, you never know I may of had a spindle lol! So I’m not making the same mistake this year 🙂 wet weather, 2 busy jumping-in-puddle toddlers, we.need.this! The laundromat is just too chaotic with toddlers in tow, as you well know 🙂

    37. Michelle van Kervel on

      The 6.5kg Spindel would work like a charm for our family of 5, living in one house. We are so blessed that our 69 year old mother still feels up to doing our washing, while we are at work, but she struggles to get it dry during Winter and is always running in and out to turn the washing on the line. This would save us all time and energy.

    38. Kim Dyer on

      Ohhhh… the 6,5 kg Spindel would be incredibly handy – moving to a modern teeny one bedroom flat and every little bit of space needs to be cleverly planned and utilized wisely. What a useful appliance- looks cute too !

    39. Anusha Naidoo on

      The 6.5kg Spindel is perfect for my laundry
      This will be a delight to win and a wish come true , I am a single widowed mommy and we live in a flat that has no drying area for laundry, I have to take my laundry to my moms home to dry, its a inconvenience and also the laundromat will not be economical. As I am on a tight budget I cant afford a dryer nor move to a flat with drying facilities.
      Thank you for the opportunity to win I will be so grateful and will be a blessing to me. Thank you so very much.

    40. Rehana Seedat on

      Its been one of the coldest winters and no matter how long you leave your clothes in the winter sun to dry by us, everything still feels damp. Its the worst putting on damp clothing on a cold morning. We don’t have a tumble dryer as they use to much electricity and cost to much to keep. So this would be an incredible prize to win.

    41. Claudia Penny on

      A spindle would be so perfect for doing washing in our little apartment and making sure it actually dries!

    42. Jasmine on

      Really need a Spindel! My laundry has been sitting on the line for 3 days!!! And the clothes is still a bit damp. I cannot stand wet and damp smelling clothes. Ahhh!

    43. Ann on

      I would love the 6.5 kg version! It would really help cut down on my high electricity bill & help me teach my goal of being more eco friendly & gentler on the environment.

    44. Zack Herrmannsen on

      The 6.5kg would be so so incredible. We live in a small apartment and there is very minimal space to hang our clothes up to dry. I’ve seen the result of the spindle and it’s so amazing how much water it manages to get out of clothes! It would make a huge difference to us to have one!

    45. Lata B on

      So not only as a single parent but also a part time student am I looking for ways to save myself time but also money and energy. The Spindel 6.5 kg model for my home and I’ll have more time to spend with my daughter.

    46. Ria Kahl on

      I have no washing machine must do it by hand, would love a Spindel A 6.5 kg one will come in handy!

    47. Bronwyn Naidoo on

      I really really really need this in my life!!! I have a 3 month old and 4 year old. Washing is endless especially since my baby has colic and reflux and often messes her clothes with milk through her bibs. We live in a flat where the washing lines are out in the open, not covered. So on rainy days or the unpredictable Winter and Spring weather getting washing to dry is an absolute mission. I need this so badly as I’m a working mum and any help to make chores easier will make life in general much easier.

    48. Kaish Ramdaw on

      I really really need a Spindel for my hand washing, It’s difficult for me to wrong out my clothing as my wrists and hands don’t do well in cold water. A 6.5kg would be ideal for my washing needs.

    49. Danielle Versteeg on

      I would love the 4.5kg Spindel. It will make the whole process faster and simplify our laundry routine. It is the perfect size and I already know where I will put it.

    50. Vina on

      The 6.5kg Spindel would be a blessing to my Mom who is a pensioner without a washing machine. Even with arthritis in her hands my Mom hand washes her clothes including larger items like sheets. Please I would love to win this compact energy saving and health saving in my Mom’s case, for her.

      Shared on Twitter (@chimocollate )

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