• Hi lovelies, happy V Day and all to you all! Do you celebrate the day? The Captain and i veer between going all out and sort of acknowledging things in a low key way. We’ve had years of trying to out cheese each other with bad cards and we’ve had years of drinking bubbly at swanky restaurants…but today is a low-key V Day – with a focus on a sweet spoil for Charley Bird and Ava Baby when they wake up this morning, packing Charley off to school dressed in pink for the day and tonight we’ll go for a walk and a bite to eat.

    Since today is all about focusing on the things (people) we love, i thought i’d share a giveaway that celebrates one of the online places i love…Mono. Owner-designer Petro has been busy – and the newest range of linen and tableware and other must have smalls is truly lovely…

    So, if you’re a fan of the pared down mono, Scandi-esque look and if you love online shopping for decorative details, take a look and scroll down…

    These are just a few of the beautiful new wares available to buy online at Mono – click here to take a look at some of the other minimalist-inspired lust haves they have in stock


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    The giveaway closes on February 21st and is open to SA residents only

  • 62 Comments to “WIN a R1000 voucher from Mono Online”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Wow – If I was fortunate enough to win I would spend my voucher on beautifying my surroundings – love the hanging plant and holder!

    2. Gabi on

      Will definitely spend it anything linen/cotton associated!! LOVE everything!!

    3. ruth on

      Ooh..all the beautiful linens!!

    4. Barbara on

      would love the hanging light and plant holder!

    5. Jill Goldberg on

      Cutlery. I have a mishmash of unmatched rubbish….when I invite friends round for dinner I have to ask them to bring their own knives and forks!

    6. Casey on

      I would love to give this prize to my sister to help her add some beautiful hanging baskets and storage baskets to her first home

    7. Clare Terblanche on

      Oh my goodness, that cutlery and hanging planter = LOVE ! Beautiful range xxx

    8. Sharleen on

      ooh so many nice things but the cutlery is what i would buy

    9. Veda on

      I would definitely spend it on a few pestemal. They are beautiful and so luxurious!!!

    10. Diane Smith on

      Oooh! So many gorgeous things to chose from – but think the toss up would be between that divine linen duvet cover (for me!!! ) …and the cage pendant lamps for my guest room.

    11. Sariana on

      The linen I have has come through my university years with me and I’d love some fresh new linen to start off my fresh new (grownup) life.

    12. Peppa-Rae Aston Jewell on

      It’s a really tough choice but I love the Swiss Cross Linen Duvet Cover Set 🙂

    13. Leonette on

      I love it all!! But beautiful, new linen is what I would buy right now. 🙂

    14. Cathy on

      Ohhhh! I’m obsessed with cushion covers…. I would pick one of each 😉 Thanks for the introduction to Mono iwantthat x0x

    15. Sara on

      I would buy some gorgeous storage baskets

    16. Pippa on

      The bed linen is amazing!!! I would treat myself to that! 🙂

    17. Chantelle Heydenrych on

      I would definately spend it on new linen for my master bedroom. We all need a really nice space to just relax in.

    18. Rose McClement on

      Definitely, definitely the contemporary black cutlery sets. I really dig those.

    19. Rose McClement on

      forgot to say – did all the necessary

    20. Zahraa Minty on

      The minimalist bedroom is just what I need to have a good night’s sleep. Like all the above. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BEAUTIES

    21. Patricia Lester on

      I will stock up on nice sheets.

    22. KaRi on

      Pleasy!!! I would LOVE to win! Definitely buying bedding and some black cutlery- cause it looks flippen amazing on Instagram photos! Liked and shared

    23. kery on

      Just renovated my bedroom and I want linen linen linen….please…….

    24. Riétte on

      Definitely the linen! Shared on Twitter @het_het1

    25. Linda Laing on

      Linen…linen…and more linen

    26. Candice Vincent on

      Wow… i would buy thr Reindeer Duvet Cover Set 🙂

    27. Tania van Zyl on

      Love the white with black stripes duvet set

    28. Natasha Venzke on

      I would buy the triangles duvet set if I won.

    29. Tamlyn Hay on

      So hard to choose, but I am OBSESSED with the black cutlery set! I also need the black and copper plant hanger in my life <3

    30. Carolyn Augustus on

      Definitely hanging plant holders

    31. Zandile Dlamini on

      I would buy the gold and black cutlery set.

    32. Samantha on

      A 30th birthday present to me!

    33. Yvette Hamilton on

      Oh i absolutely LOVE the hanging planter, i would purchase it, it is gorgeous

    34. Letitia on

      The CACTI single line drawing sets are to die for! So desirable…

    35. Portia Petersen on

      Wow, everything is so lovely! We moved into our first home in December so I will definitely buy a hanging plant holder as well as the broken stripe duvet cover set.

    36. Eve on

      Oh lovely…..I’d love to spend R1000 voucher on some kitchen and bathroom items ♡♡♡

    37. Ullricke van Zyl on

      WOW everything from Art & Accessories Bathroom,,Bedding,,Cotton,, Linen..Cushion Covers..Kitchen & Dining looks great, I will spend all my money on this great page

    38. Tara on

      Oh my!!!! How on earth do you choose? I’m in love with everything MONO. Although i do quite fancy the black, or black and gold cutlery, hmmm but the cushion covers, er and the linen bedding, oh damn it Vicky, what have you done!!!!!

    39. Hayley on

      My R1000 cart
      6 x woven placemat 600
      1x minamalist calendar 375
      1x bottle, 150

    40. Yolande van Vuuren on

      Ooooooeeeeeh >>>PICK ME PICK ME 🙂 <<< that broken striped linen

    41. Yolande van Vuuren on

      Ooooooeeeeeh >>>PICK ME PICK ME 🙂 <<< that broken striped linen..

    42. Nicola Meyer on

      I would buy Cage Pendant Lamps

    43. Tania Brewis on

      Linen and cutlery – luv it!

    44. Zaida on

      That black cutlery set is sooo gorgeous, would have to get that!

    45. Jacoba van der merwe on

      I would definately buy some beautiful linen

    46. Kim Dyer on

      Oooooh…. love the cage pendant lamps, or linen… it all looks incredibly luxurious!

    47. Liesl on

      The cushion covers!

    48. Bevin le Roux on

      would love the Pendant & plant hanger

    49. Janel Sunderlall on

      I would spend it on bedding

    50. Elizabeth on

      The Dimanta Pestemal in black is beautiful. I want it as a towel and a throw! I also love the ethnic triangle and squares scatter cushions.

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