• Happy Tuesday, lovelies! In the run up to Mother’s Day i’m sharing some giveaways and spoils with you – and today is no exception. You’ll know by now that i am a total stationery addict and it makes my heart very happy to share beautiful stationery spoils with you all – even more so if there’s a giveaway involved. So with that in mind, take a look at the new products that Love Letters has just launched and scroll down a little further to enter and win ALL of them…


    What i really like about so many of the Love Letters products is that they’re personalised – which just feels so smart and special! If colouring in is your thing then these personalised pencil crayons may just tick your lust have box! Of course you might be nice to enough to share the love on Mother’s Day and personalise a very deserving child’s pencil crayons too 😉

    Take your gift giving up a notch with a foiled personalised sticker! Love these and SO much less fiddle and faff when you’re running out the door and need to slap a card together for a gift. Also…gold. Everything is better with some gold.


    This monogrammed note pad is everything – i know i’d LOVE one on my desk. So grown up and pretty – so dying to have genius scribblings of plans to take over the world on it!



    I’ve ordered a few personalised diaries and notebooks for friends from Love Letters over the years and they always get a big thumbs up from the recipients – you can choose from a bunch of motifs and colours for your notebook and they really do feel very special.  I love the brass binding of these notebooks.


    Calling all members of the grammar police force – this one’s for you. Also, if you always seem to have a bunch of pens and other crap lying at the bottom of your bag – this one’s also for you. And if you love black and white things that make your life feel sorted…well you know it’s for you .


    Want to WIN all of these fancy shmancy stationery items from Love Letters?

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  • 37 Comments to “WIN a Love Letters Hamper worth R880”

    1. Anita Steenkamp on

      I love the monogrammed notepads. Fabulous

    2. Heloise Mgcina on

      Personalised, handwritten notes on monogrammed paper are the epitome of style

    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Difficult choice, but the Personalised Diaries & notebooks are perfect -they would become part of historical memories- unique and thoughtful!

    4. britt shotland on

      those personalised colouring pencils are to die for!

    5. Mia Botha on

      That notebook!

    6. Anusha Naidoo on

      The personalised diary is what I find most appealing to me and speaks to me …..to pen beautiful memories , poetry etc , this will be cherished for years to come.

      A absolutely wonderful giveaway thank you
      Shared on Facebook

    7. nasika baijnath on

      i love the personalised notebook and pencils. it makes me feel so special

    8. ann on

      love the beautiful and elegant personalised diaries and notebooks

    9. Yvonne on

      I love the personalised stickers and notebooks…but all of the above make me happy 🙂

    10. Veda Pretorius on

      I would just love the monogrammed note pad. Perfect for quick notes and jotting down my To Do list!

    11. Preetha Rajkumar on

      I just love the personalised foil stickers and the personalised pencil crayons, really is awesome.

    12. Jolanda Julies on

      Love the personalised diaries and notebooks.

    13. Gillian Bush on

      I absolutely love the coloured pencils. I can only imagine the journeys they will take me on <3

    14. Nicola Meyer on

      Love the monogrammed notepad!

    15. Anthea on

      Love the notepads ❤️

    16. Danielle Smith on

      I love the personalised foil stickers, I’ve been meaning to order some for ages!

    17. Des on

      I love the personalsed foil stickers and also the gorgeous monogrammed notelets!!

    18. Jaclyn Underwood on

      I have such a thing for gift stickers!! They make wrapping gifts – everything!!

    19. rushdia omar on

      The pencils and notebook!

    20. Sara on

      I love the personalised stickers and notebooks!


      personalised colouring pencils

    22. Linda Laing on

      I love the monogrammed notepad

    23. Nicole Naicker on

      Personalised crayons and personalised diaries simply awesome

    24. Carolyn Augustus on

      The monogrammed note pad is everything

    25. Mir on

      LOVE LOVE LOVE personalised stationery, notebook with my name on would be soooo awesome!

    26. Sandy Meyer on

      I LOVE the foiled personalised sticker!!!

    27. Dawn Clarke on

      I am in love the personalised notebook and pencils. So personal and looks professional.

    28. Dhesh on

      The pencil crayons

    29. Lauren Cox on

      The foil stickers seal it off just perfectly.

    30. Megan Hartwig on

      The monogrammed notepad is my favourite!! Beautiful stationery makes my life beautiful and easier.

    31. Cornell Botha on

      The Golden Advice Pencils

    32. Nazeera on

      crushing on the monogrammed note pad!!!

    33. Magda Tolken on

      Wonderful giveaway. I would love to win.

    34. Karen Hattingh on

      I like the foiled stickers

    35. Kirsty Robinson on

      It has to be the personalized notebook

    36. Bianca Balutto on

      Love the personalised diary alot

    37. thea lennox on

      Personalised, handwritten notes on monogrammed paper are the epitome of style

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