• I’m delighted to share this lovely local designer’s wares with you this morning. Jefferson Loffler is a Cape Town based graphic designer who is the brains behind Know your Stuff, a fabulous range of posters, which i LOVE!. I think they would make great gifts (they come in A4 and A3 sizes) and i can see them in tea towel format too (hint hint). I know their clean design will appeal to many of you and I am sure many of you would love one of these for your own space – you probably agree i they’d make fabulous gifts too. As i said the other day, i’m on a mission to get my Christmas gifting sorted early this year and i know one or two people who would really appreciate one of these.

    Scroll down if you’d like to win a framed A3 print worth R900 to call your own…


    Beef Cuts


    Screwdriver Heads




    Diamonds 998ead_ab14a5f82a7446c6913cf1ca3112ba4c







    Phonetic Alphabet

    To WIN a Know your Stuff framed A3 print

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    • Visit their website and leave a comment below saying which poster you love the most

  • 35 Comments to “WIN a KNOW YOUR STUFF PRINT!”

    1. Nicola Meyer on

      Know Your Coffee!! #lovecoffee #cappuccino

    2. sally on

      Know your bike!

    3. Rynette on

      Know your CHAIR!!! Wow.

    4. Megs Hartwig on

      Amazing giveaway!!! I have liked the Know your Stuff Facebook page and I would really love the KNOW YOUR COFFEE print 😉 Fingers crossed.

    5. Olivia on

      Know your Beef Cuts for sure. Mmmm ribs!

    6. Tarryn on

      Know your Knives #Inspired

    7. lesley waddilove on

      the alphabet one is fabulous…..

    8. Natalie on

      I love them all but the phonetic poster would be placed next to my telephone so that I can always have it to hand when I am confirming a reservation!

    9. Rika on

      Know your knives! We’re busy revamping our breakfast nook and this would be the perfect addition.

    10. Lynnith Andreou on

      Love it! Oooh, have to try and choose between know your coffee or know your chairs!

    11. Tania on

      The bike and coffee prints are my favourites!

    12. Ruth T on

      I love the collective nouns and coffee prints!
      Liked both on fb

    13. Lois Carol Wessels on

      The Coffee print would be invaluable for me as a confirmed ‘coffeeholic”!!!!! Holding thumbs and hoping!

    14. Janine on

      Very cool idea! Love them, especially coffee print and knives!

    15. Ailsa Jean Loudon on

      I love the Know Your Coffee!

    16. Marta on

      The alphabet one. ..

    17. Mellodene Willemse on

      Know your coffee

    18. Christine on

      Oh I would love the coffee one! My brand is all about how we use coffee to fuel our creativity. This would look great in my office!

    19. Suanne on

      Do you know your chairs?
      I sure as hell do!

    20. Claire Henderson on

      Know your screwdrivers 🙂 I would give it to my mechanic dad. He would love it as much as I do X

    21. Tracy Jacobs on

      Love the Coffee print.

    22. Barbara Kuhn on

      Great prize…. Hard to choose a favourite! Lets go with the coffee one!

    23. Kenneth on

      Know your coffee, cappuccino doesn’t need to be as adventurous I get anymore #themoreyouknow

    24. RedCat on

      Awesome! Tough choice between know your alphabet & know your chairs!

    25. Krissy Peterssen on

      The Phonetic Alphabet. I had to learn ipa in university, this would be a nice reminder. 🙂

    26. Margo on

      Phonetic alphabet is just the best!
      Such an original idea!

    27. Kris C on

      I love the Bicycles one the most, but they are all quite cool 😀

    28. Kate Lorentz on

      Phonetic alphabet. Way cool!

    29. Rilla Schutte on

      Love all of them, Know your chairs is stunning!

    30. Heidi Swart on

      I love the diamonds chart pls…..liked both pages

    31. Esti Le Roux on

      I love the Coffee and the Phonetic Alphabet prints – so fun and informative!!!

    32. Sariana on

      Phonetic alphabet! So cool!

    33. jade abbott on

      I love the KNOW YOUR COFFEE poster and I’d love to put it up in my new flat 🙂

    34. Jasmine on

      Coffee lover so Know Your Coffee!

    35. Zahraa Minty on

      Phonetic alphabet would make such a special prezzie for my Pilot sister

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