• Hello lovelies! I received a beaut box of Tetley tea goodies last week and it couldn’t have come at a better time – it’s been a hectic few weeks with midweek flights to other cities, early mornings and late nights and i came home on Friday night with a scratchy throat and miserable sick children! Let’s just say the weekend was long and it wasn’t just Charley and Ava who were whiny and snivelling! Now, when it comes to tea, i am not a big drinker. I only started drinking a few cups here and there a few years ago but lately i’ve noticed more and more of my friends are talking about green tea.


    Tetley Green Tea Mint is great for settling tummies and add a dash of honey to the Lemon flavour and you’ve got a wonderful morning wake-me-up drink – i was sent the Apple variant to try which i was thrilled about – because it reminded me of the teas in Turkey and i’m headed there in 2 months time. These flavoured green teas are the ideal way to up my water levels but here’s the bonus – it’s good for you!

    In Asia, Green Tea has long been loved as a cure for all ills – and no wonder, it’s crammed full of antioxidants, is said to aid with fat loss and lower cancer risk – i’ll drink to those advantages especially the fat loss prior to my boat holiday! The experts are saying that you need 3 to 5 cups a day to reap the rewards – so time to get that kettle going, people!

    Tetley Tea is the newest tea in the Tetley family – they’re the tea with the biggest teabags in the South African tea biz! They launched their new Green Tea variants last week – Mint, Lemon and Apple – perfect for people wanting to get their anti oxidants in while enjoying a refreshing green tea too!



    Something you may have seen on menus and on shelves over the past couple of years is how Green Tea has become a really popular ingredient – you’ll find it in the likes of chocolate, ice cream and i’m sure you can imagine just how delicious the Apple or Mint are when chilled and served with fruit! Mixed with herbs, green tea leaves makes a really delicious rub for fish and it tastes amazing when included in savoury rice dishes too. Here’s a recipe i love the look of…


    Vodka-laced Green Tea Cocktails 

    In a tall glass, drop in a Tetley Pure Green teabag, pour in hot water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Remove the teabag, stir in a teaspoon of honey, a shot of vodka, slices of lemon and sprigs of mint. Full your glass up with ice and enjoy!


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    *The giveaway ends on June 19, 2018 and is open to SA residents and holders of a valid address only

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      Cause green is the colour for renewal and rejuvenation Would LOVE to win this

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      Entered and optimistic – just what is required to stay healthy this winter!

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      lemon…. ooooh… then !
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      Lemon please….commented on FB competition too

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      I fancy the Mint flavour xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx following on Facebook and Twitter handler =@laurengerber1

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      Instagram. Twitter. Mint.

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      Lemon for me☺

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      I commented on Facebook 🙂

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      Tetley Green Tea – Apple Flavour
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      Love the lemon. Entered on facebook

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      Apple flavour for a change

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      I entered on facebook! Minty goodness is what I like 😉

    31. Glynis Phillips on

      I fancy the Lemon flavour and I entered on ‘I Want That’.

    32. Joles on

      Entered on Facebook Joles Lazarus
      Oh my goodness! How I want this. I am an absolute lover of tea especially green tea. To many it is an acquired taste but I loved it since day one! I am honestly a tea tanker and I would so love to try out the mint! I kinda know the taste of zesty lemon because I add dash of lemon to mine 🙂 Please send me that gorgeous kettle too 🙂 #WinWithTetleyGreenTea

    33. Rabia on

      You want me to choose just one
      Insta entry from me

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      Definitely Apple .. I’ve entered on Instagram

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      Entered on Facebook! Keen to try the Lemon flavour! x

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      Mint all the way

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      Mint & commented on Facebook, fingers crossed! Good luck all xx

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      Entered on Facebook! Would like the lemon flavor please!

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      refreshing mint

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      @AskAshe and #WinWithTetleyGreenTea I am in love with the Apple Flavour, although I do enjoy the mint too

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      Hey Vicki 🙂

      I entered on: Tetley Tea on Facebook, I Want That on Facebook and Insta, as well as Ask Ashe and the Lovilee blogs. Fingers crossed!!!! My dream item from Yuppiechef and the best colour!

    48. Seri on

      Loving the mint and lemon. Super delicious. Can’t wait to add the green tea to my collection

      My Instagram @stylewithmepretty
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      My Facebook page : sêri

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