• Welcome to the second in my Breville giveaway series – there are six in total and this month’s might well be my favourite.

    In preparation for shooting the video below i read up on the Kinetix and watched some videos featuring it but nothing could have prepared me for the fabulousness of this seriously versatile machine once i had it in my own kitchen. If you’re a foodie, you’ll know the name Heston Blumenthal, one of the world’s most innovative chefs – well, he’s the genius behind the Kinetix Control Blender. You see, Heston isolated the issues that most people dealing with blenders face – some suck everything down to chop and grind and others suck everything up (this video explains it). The  inevitable result is lumps – be it in your baby food (you can see what i’d use it for), smoothies, margaritas, Hollandaise sauce, pestos or soup (the list is endless). He helped design a machine that does BOTH – seeking out and smoothing out the lumps in whatever you’re blending – it’s amazing!! I had such fun working on this video and i am really, really impressed by the Breville Kinetix Control Blender – it is definitely on my lust list!






    To enter to WIN the Breville Kinetix Control Blender worth R2899

    • Watch the Youtube video above

    • Like the @home Facebook page

    • Like the I Want That Facebook page

    • Leave a comment below saying why you want and need the Breville Kinetix Control Blender in your life

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    * Disclaimer: the Breville Healthsmart Grill that is up for grabs is the one used in the video above. It has been used once and repackaged in its original packaging

    The giveaway ends on April 30th and is open to SA residents only

  • 92 Comments to “WIN a Breville Kinetix Control Blender R2899”

    1. lameezlameez on

      Good morning ,I have shared RT ,tweeted @hojokukitu 🙂

    2. COLLEEN on

      I want that Breville Kinetix Blender for winter soups & smoothies on the go & to make baby food for my first grandchild.

    3. Janet on

      Like every woman in the world (hee hee ) I would absolutely LOVE to have a Breville Kinetix Control Blender!! My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw how easily it handled the ice cubes and berries (maybe that’s a bit sad ha ha), and the smooth silky result was amazing (and this time it was the stomach making a movement, not the heart heh heh). My children and I absolutely love smoothies, especially in the mornings, but my ancient old liquidizer couldn’t handle the load, so now I’ve had to resort to a handheld blender stick to try and bit by bit slowly slowly blend all the ingredients together (our favourite are frozen bananas with either milk/yoghurt/water). It’s very frustrating but still worth it for the health and enjoyment factor we get out of smoothies. I cannot even imagine how this wonderful blender would transform our morning ‘grind’ not to mention soup-making and everything else I could use this wonderful machine for. The children could actually watch me blend their smoothies chop chop (pun intended) instead of keeping themselves busy while I painstakingly make my way through frozen fruit with my blender stick and gritted teeth!! A real asset it would be! 🙂 X

    4. Adrian C. Phipps on

      I want and need this crushing from the top, whipping from the bottom super sayan smoothie maker!! It will feature prominently in my 2015 resolution to get fitter and leaner, abs are made in the kitchen and with this beauty I’m sure to be looking good come summer time.. Tweeted and repeated.. @MistaPhipps

    5. Tracy Jacobs on

      WOW I would love this blender cos mine stopped working a while ago and we love smoothies in this house

    6. faeema sader on

      I juice and smoothie a lot because I am very anaemic and the pills don’t absorb into my system for some reason, have to get that iron in!
      It is such a messy schlep in my blender urgh.
      Fingers crossed.

    7. Rentia on

      New mom, no time to prepare food, need something nutritious and on-the-go that will keep my energy going. Breville Kinetix Control Blender sounds like the perfect solution!

    8. Liesl on

      With a baby starting on solids very soon, this blender will work magic in my life!

    9. Tara Midgley on

      So many reasons but the one that jumped to mind immediately was….frozen margaritas. Yes I realise it’s winter but still….

    10. Sunaina on

      I am on this get fit and keep healthy path, not only me but my family as well. Smoothies and blends are great for a healthy breakfast. The Breville Kinetix Control Blender will fit in perfectly with out new lifestyle. Instead of my using old ways like chopping and hand squeezers – this will save me time.

    11. David on

      Much better smoother easier ‘ice creams’, and smoothies.
      Live on smoothies, and ‘ice cream’.

    12. Juanita Swanepoel on

      I would really love to have one, I don’t have a blender at all and would love this 😉

    13. Tanya on

      So many reasons i would LOVE to win, but i am trying my best to loose to weight and regain my self confidence and winning this will put me a step closer to my dream <3

    14. Tanya on

      There are many reasons i would LOVE to win, but i am trying my best to loose to weight and regain my self confidence and winning this will put me a step closer to my dream <3

    15. Letisia Blank on

      The all-in-1 kitchen appliance! I would love to own the Breville Kinetix Control Blender, to firstly make quick and easy tomato cocktails and then to make all the sweet stuff my hubby loves. We are newly wed and I surely want to treat him. Holding thumbs. 😀

    16. Thulani on

      With a very active baby boy who needs his smoothie almost every hour, this blender would come in handy

    17. Manoj Bhudhia on

      I would love the Breville Kinetix Control Blender as it makes smoothie in seconds. It’s the best way to quench your thirst by drinking a smoothies made in the Breville Kinetix Control Blender. The Breville Kinetix Control Blender gives you control over your life and allows you to decide what you would like to drink whenever you want a drink. #iwantthat.co.za #@Home

    18. Mahita on

      It would be awesome to win a prize like this 🙂

    19. Moira Mc Allister on

      I want and need the Breville Kinetix Control Blender in my life now so that I can make Smoothies, smooth Butternut Soup, purée tomatoes, and crush ice for cocktails with my buddies….

    20. Belinda Duncan on

      I really need a blender!

    21. Zakiyya Khan on

      WOW! yumm… Just watching this video has amazed me. Im one who loves to make all kinds of drinks, smoothies, slushies, you name it – Buut, no machine that ive ever used crushes and blends like this baby! I sooo need this in my life so that i can create the perfect blends without having to get the odd piece of ice or lumpy piece of the mixture stuck up and jamming my straw! #Prettyplease

    22. Simon Waner on

      I want a Breville Kinetix Control Blender because it’s the hottest looking blender on the market and I need it because I like to have ‘smoothies’, not ‘lumpies’!

    23. Mukesh on

      My wife devotes most of her time making stews and soups on the stove for her sick dad who has cancer,i could imagine how happy she would be if she had a Breville kinetix Blender to make healthy smoothies for him,ive seen the video of what this blender can do and its magical,please consider her.

    24. Julie on

      Ooh, I want (and need) the Breville Kinetix Control because I have a slight homemade smoothie obsession… I think I’d also like to use it in the future when I have a baby to make baby food for 🙂 Oh, and I’ve liked both Facebook pages – holding thumbs!

    25. Diane on

      Already subscribed to both pages – beautiful looking blender that will make healthy smoothie making a pleasure:-)

    26. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel on

      I could really do with this. I’m pregmant and suffering so much nausea a good smoothie machine would really help.

    27. Janine on

      Firstly, I am a huge kitchen gadget junkie and secondly love making soups, so this would work a treat!

    28. Thulani on

      I have recently taken up cycling as a hobby and I need all the convenient energy I need. Smoothies are a healthy way to eat and hydrate at the same time, but I don’t have a blender… so this would be the perfect addition to my routine. Plus its a great brand, I’m sure it would become part of my family for a long time. Liked your page and the @home on Facebook and sharing on twitter via @thulzmtetwa.

    29. Clarissa Witten on

      Our family really enjoy our smoothies. I just love the fact that Breville Kinetix Control Blender can make them 100% lump-free! My 5 year old will be thrilled!

    30. Claire on

      Definitely need this to start making smoothies for the family to get our fruit and vegie intake increased. Great for soups too… very versatile kitchen equipment regardless of season or its use! Would love this!

    31. anita Dingwayo on

      this would be a perfect thing to have in my family as there will be less excuses of not being healthy and kids who like liquids and it would help a lot to be able to eat more fruits and still loose weight at the same time.

    32. Alister Ho on

      Our blender is old and dying a miserable death, it fails in all its duties and acts as nothing more than a wind tunnel rather than blending anything. A new blender is definitely needed considering that much of our recipes consist of blending something, plus how can I ever fulfill my dreams of entering master chef when my current blender is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

    33. Chantelle C on

      Our blender is dead. We have spent the appropriate time in mourning, and are (desperately) ready for an updated replacement!

    34. Sophie on

      My boyfriend and I moved into our first house together in March and are slooooowly slowly gathering things we need. Obviously, we’d love stuff like blenders but linen and sensible things had to take priority! He quit smoking in December and is trying to eat more healthily to avoid the scary weight gain that tends to creep up on people when they quit – he’s a massive fan of the smoothies, soups and hummus that I used to make, but its very difficult to do it without a blender. We’d love to be able to use up spare veggies in a nice soup, or whip up a batch of hummus or guacamole at super speed. Plus it’d look great in our kitchen!

    35. Jacqueline Katzen on

      Wow, I would love to own a Breville Kinetix Control Blender – my time is so limited – how amazing it would be to have a machine that can prep veggies for soup or make a quick smoothie – this would really be a time saving device! @JaxxLisa

    36. Manjoo Rughunandan on

      With 2 grandchildren starting on solids will be so much easier to prepare meals for then ,smoothies for me ,crush ice .every women deserves to have a blender ,saves time .

    37. Sophia on

      with Winter approaching and having a very active 5 year old, this Breville Kinetix Control Blender will definitely be a life saver for those yummy delicious and nutritious soups. It will also help with refreshing smoothies during those hot days. So basically any day with a Breville Kinetix Control Blender will be a breeze indeed.

    38. Brenda on

      So many blenders just don’t seem to really get the truly smooth result I am looking for, and they don’t cope with, for example, curry pastes. The Breville Kinetix Control Blender promises to provide a solution, and I’d like to be able to try it out.

    39. marta on

      Definitely for winter soups!!!

    40. Jene on

      I would absolutely love this prize because I love making smoothies for my family and for myself, and the fact that it comes out lump free is a great bonus! I have lost 15 kg in the last 2 years and this would make it easy to keep that extra weight off.

    41. Ben Monteverdi on

      Loving my smoothies i found my crushed ice is a bit chunky for my taste…looking into the reviews of the Breville Kinetix Control Blender,my problem will soon be over

    42. brenda fernandes on


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