• HI lovelies or should i say bag ladies?! I hope you’re enjoying the BAG A DAY giveaway i decided to put together this week – it felt like it was time to have a bit of a giveaway festival! You’re going to love today’s giveaway from Bloss & Co. This fabulous local leather brand has got their pulse on the latest trends, shapes and colourways – i am in love with their clutches and if you’re in the market for a purse – check out their offerings here.

    The Mini Hampton Tote is a Bloss & Co signature bag and it’s made from 100% Saffiano leather. I am lusting after it in a big way – i love the colours it comes in, i love that it has the most gorgeous lining designed by Kelly Higgs and i love that at 34cm its small enough not to become a big black hole but big enough to hold plenty of stuff.

    Bloss & Co are offering one of you a magnificent bag in either Beige, Dusky Rose or Misty Green…whuch one do you love?


    mini-hampton-tote-biscuity-beige-inner-with-kelly-higgs-lining mini-hampton-tote-dusky-rose

    mini-hampton-tote-dusky-rose-inner-with-kelly-higgs-lining mini-hampton-tote-misty-green-smoky-grey-interchangeable-handles mini-hampton-tote-misty-green-smoky-grey-inner-with-kelly-higgs-lining

    To enter:

    • Like Bloss & Co on Facebook OR follow them on Instagram

    • Share this post on your own social media (don’t forget to tag @BlossAndCo

    • Leave a comment below to say which one has your name on it

  • 248 Comments to “WIN a Beautiful Bloss & Co Tote worth R2450”

    1. Kirsty van Huyssteen on

      I love the Dusky Rose!

    2. kerry on

      What a classy a little piece of bag…gorgeous

    3. Pippa Rauch on

      The Misty Green is absolutely beautiful! That would a great addition to my collection!

    4. Megan Churchill on

      Misty Green! please its stunning!

    5. nasika baijnath on

      love the pink

    6. Lyndie on

      I love the misty green

    7. Nadia Ariefdien on

      Shared on afcebook – Love that dusty rose!

    8. Nadia Ariefdien on

      Shared on facebook – Love that dusty rose!

    9. Debbie on

      I absolutely love the misty green!

    10. Dawn on

      The misty green has my name written all over it

    11. Danielle on

      I’m pretty sure Beige Bloss & Co Tote rhymes with Danielle <3

    12. Wendy Field on

      I love the Dusky rose

    13. Tracey on

      I heart me some Misty Green

    14. Emma Campbell on

      Aah, the dusky pink. Gorgeous!

    15. stephanie videira on

      Love the Beige

    16. Thandie on

      I love the Misty green!!!!

    17. Nicole Annear on

      Hard choice. Dusty Rose or misty green!

    18. Sarah cornish on

      ❤️ Dusky rose! Stunning

    19. Gloria on

      Misty Green is the colour for me

    20. Barbara K on

      Wow – they area all gorgeous but the Dusky Rose one definitely has my name on it! Thanks for the fab daily competitions!!

    21. kare Marais on

      The Beige one has my name all over it. Its so timelessly classic, can wear it with everything.

    22. nasika baijnath on

      I love the dusty pink

    23. Dalya on

      Misty green pls

    24. Dhesh on

      Beautiful! Love the beige.

    25. Shani on

      Dusky Rose, wowsers!

    26. Leah Harding on

      I love the dusky rose!

    27. Lisa Pienaar on

      I don’t even like pink, but that Dusty Rose is just gorgeous!

    28. Joles on

      Misty Green has my name on it <3

    29. Tammy Perry on

      Aah that Dusky Rose mini Hampton tote is just screaming to come and be my BFF!! She’s beautiful and local definitely is very LEKKER!!

    30. Jasmine Ho on

      Love dusky rose. Definitely have my name on it!

    31. Tracy Benjamin on

      Dusky Rose would be the PERFECT summer solution

    32. Michele C W I on

      I want that beige one please! Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been wishing for a new handbag for quite some time, hoping to be the lucky winner, it’s my birthday next month and winning that bag would make my year! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway! Following Bloss & Co on Twitter & Instagram.

    33. Dale Pearce on

      I love the misty green

    34. Danielle Kidd on

      Absolutely love the misty green!!!

    35. Nicole on

      I’m LOVING the misty green!!

    36. Jane McNamara on

      Dusky Rose of course!

    37. Nicola Meyer on

      The Dusky Rose is beautiful

    38. Megan on

      I can already picture all my friends being envious of this amazingly beautiful tote! The dusky rose is to die for!!!

    39. Ashleigh Hein on

      Beige is my favorite <3

    40. Julie Jones on

      So pretty I think I would choose the beige one of I are lucky enough to win. Holding thumbs!

    41. Daniela Cardoso on

      love the Beige one

    42. Jasmita on

      Super looooove the misty green!!:)

    43. monique on

      Beige please – will go with everything I own.

    44. Yanela on

      Misty green is ma favorite

    45. Londeka on

      Mint Green has my name

    46. Juanita Wilkinson on

      Déjà vu! It reminds me of my childhood dreams of mint & chocolate ice cream! My search for a practical neat, yet stylish leather bag that can stand upstraight, is over…. the Misty Green calls my name (and my Irish origin) A bag that can be passed on from generation to generation…timeless! Even my 18 year old daughter will fall in love with it!

    47. Judy Padayachee on

      Dusky Rose please

    48. Louise on

      Dusky Rose! So beautiful!!

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