• Hi lovelies! Did you know that this Sunday, 15 October is Garden Day? It’s the second year this ‘get out and enjoy your garden’ initiative is on the go and since we’re on the cusp of summer, i’m sure there’ll be many of you keen to participate!

    What is Garden Day, you may ask? It’s a day designed around enjoying the fruits of your labour, of downing tools and picking up a G&T to enjoy your green surrounds, it’s about having a picnic at home and picking flowers you’ve grown and popping them into a vase to enjoy indoors. And if you don’t have a garden – what about kicking back and enjoying your patio garden? Or maybe you’d like to get out to one of our beautiful botanical gardens to enjoy their magnificent, manicured lawns and indigenous flowers and trees?

    Babylonstoren Farm, home to what has become on of the most effortlessly stylish and well loved restaurants, hotels and spas in South Africa, is also home to one of the most impressive gardens in the country – all 8 acres of it! From the famous flowering clivias (hurry and you may still still get to see them) to their much lauded herb, fruit and veggie gardens and orchards galore and more than 300 varieties of plants – many of which have edible or medicinal qualities, the gardens here are inspired by the original Company’s Garden and as it fed the residents of the colony, so this modern rendition is the source of produce for Babel Restaurant, the on site eatery. If you’d love a piece of the Babylonstoren pie so to speak…then read on…


    Flower crown 3 Instagram_preview


    Babylonstoren picnic-hamper-packshot - 01 small Babylonstoren picnic-hamper-packshot - 02 small

    How to Enter

    • Post a pic on your social media (Insta or Facebook) and show us you enjoying your favourite garden space…we want to see your luscious lawns (sadly not a reality for those of us in the Western Cape), your flowering fynbos, your Spring roses, newly planted herbs, flower crowns you’ve made yourself – you on your garden loungers, your kids lying or playing on the grass…you get the pretty Garden-sinpired picture, yes?

    The hashtag to use is #gardenday

    Don’t forget to leave a comment below and include your handle so we know to look out for your pix!

    Here’s where you can send your Garden Day inspiration

    Twitter: @gardendaysa

    Instagram: @gardendaysa


    Hashtag: #gardenday

  • 5 Comments to “WIN a Babylonstoren Hamper with Garden Day SA”

    1. Carla M VD Westhuizen on

      Very excited for garden day! I love gardening! I have a 1x5m veg garden at the back of my little complex unit and in it at the moment I have 2 types of lettuce, tomatoes, pepperdews, chilli’s, beans, rhubarb, blueberries, strawberries, basil, parsley, thyme and rosemary! I am so proud of my little garden and it makes me so proud to harvest my crops 🙂 I tweeted (@carlieshell) #gardenday https://twitter.com/carlieshell/status/918726738481438720

    2. Letitia on

      Love this! My garden is my pride and joy, my joie de vivre! My instragram handle: ladismithtourism

    3. Nicole on


    4. Lisa Pienaar on

      Done! @joburgsister on Instagram and Twitter, and Lisa Pienaar on Facebook. What a gorgeous prize!

    5. Kerry on

      Just spent a lovely day in the garden and the kids with the puppies in the pool. Look for my pics on Instagram@kerry_on_regardless.

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