• OK lovelies! Today i want to tell you about Hey Jude – the new virtual assistant app that may seriously my new best friend.

    I don’t know about you but my to do list of freaking admin and things I need to get done and the information I need in order to get it done is never ending!!! Every day I write out my to do lists, it’s a ritual I’ve always enjoyed but seriously, the volume is just getting me down. And it’s not all stuff I resent sorting (like insurance claims), some of my admin involves stuff I actually want to sort in order to have fun! Like restaurant bookings, inviting friends round and weekends away and the like. I didn’t even get round to holding a class birthday party for Charley for her 3rd birthday party because…useless.

    So a couple of weeks ago, the folks at HeyJude asked me to test drive their app. I had heard about it over on a small business Facebook page I belong to and I’d heard bits and bobs about it on other pages but I hadn’t yet had a proper look. And since a virtual assistant is something i’m really toying with at the moment, it turns out the timing couldn’t have been more relevant. 


    A few weeks ago, to add to the hideousness of not having internet in our new house and only having one bar of cell reception at home (where d we live, the north pole???!!), my beloved MacBook crashed. Dead as a door nail. Do not pass begin. Go straight to MacBook heaven hell. It also happened when I was in the middle of writing a document for a work deadline so you can imagine my joy. I’ve been trying not to key into the frustration of it all but the Mac crash was the freaking straw that broke this camel’s back. I have been grumpy. Very grumpy about it all. In order to work and have some semblance of a life, I needed a temporary laptop until i could my insurance sorted. But when you’re on deadline at work, can’t make outbound calls, sitting on the phone and getting varying quotes is not exactly professional. Or practical. So I simply typed my request into my Hey Jude app and pressed send. This is how the convo went: 






    They couldn’t have given me a more comprehensive answer to my issue!


    My second task for the Hey Jude task team was to sort out a night away for The Captain and I. I am so gatvol of this damn communication trifecta that I just want to run away! This year The Captain and I opted not to give one another gifts for our anniversary but rather have a night away together. One where there is room service and a spa. I could think of NOTHING better than running away somewhere closeish to town and hiding away from the world for an afternoon and an evening. Also, the thought of a full night’s sleep and only sharing my bed with The Captain and not my snoring 3-year-old and our often night owl baby sends me into an orbit of joy. 

    Anyway, I digress. I set the Hey Jude peeps onto the task – an affordable but fancyish Hotel with spa facilities and with a winter special rate so we wouldn’t have to take out a bond to stay there. They aced it, take a look:



    IMG_2350 IMG_2351

    I LOVED this process – a real human did the homework, followed up on exactly what i was looking for, i didn’t have to waste time going backwards and forwards comparing results and getting befuddled about what value was actually being offered and we got exactly what we wanted! Other plusses for me:

    • This isn’t an upselling service only working with certain service providers – they’re in it to find the best solution for YOU

    • You can reference information, a pic (those boots you spotted on Pinterest), a website or a voice note – the Judes will work with what you’ve got

    • They’re integrated with service providers like Uber and Air BNB so they can book and pay on your behalf for a small (and doable) fee

    • They work 24/7 baby, 365!

    • Once you’ve graduated from your first free 3 trial tasks, you pay R199 a month for them to do all the things you never get a chance to do

    They’re HUMANS!!! No, press 1 for assistance rubbish, actual humans, looking out for you!

    I know they’re mostly practical asks that I got there Jude’s onto but that’s where I am right now – I need practical solutions to the pressing mares happening around me.

    Other Hey Jude jobs on my list

    •New, free and interesting things to do with toddlers in the holidays

    • Meditation apps that are highly rated

    • The best winter lunch specials in the city

    • Nutritionists in the Southern Suburbs with availabilities for an appointment any afternoon over the next week

    • Hairdressers in the Southern Suburbs offering organic colouring

    • An appointment next week at a local dermatologist

    • Under counter filing cabinet for my new office – new or refurbished

    • 4m long tablecloths in prints or plain colours

    • Father’s Day Dim Sum lunch venues for this Sunday?

    • The BEST Father’s Day gift offering in town

    I could go on forever people!!

    Hey Jude is dare i say it, the wife that many of us need.

    OK…Want to get onto the Hey Jude Bandwagon and WIN?

    I’ve got a R1000 Father’s Day voucher for Cape Union Mart for one lucky I Want That Reader …

    You need to

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    • Tell us what YOU would use the Hey Jude app for in the comments below – it can be mundane, it could be a pressing must do on your bucket list – tell me what it is – your first three transactions are totally FREE!!

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  • 40 Comments to “Say Hello to Hey Jude! PLUS WIN a Voucher!”

    1. Allison on

      Omw. .. I want this app… No I need it! I’d use it for definitely weekend getaways and what fun activities for kids to do over weekends because with the cold Cape Town weather… having an active 4 yr old indoors, literally drives me insane.

    2. Gloria Strydom on

      I would use the Hey Jude app to find wedding favours as my granddaughter is getting married next year

    3. Dawn W on

      WOw awesome app!!!! I have friends coming over from the UK in August so I would definitely use this app to find accommodation for myself to go and visit them in Cape Town, plus check on air fares and on things to do in and around Cape Town whilst I am with them.

    4. Tracey du Plessis on

      I would ask Hey Jude for child friendly places & things to do
      With kids in the upcoming month long July holidays in Durban & surrounding areas x

    5. Lois Carol Wessels on

      I would use the phenomenal app to locate a reasonably priced handyman to do household repairs that my late husband did for years – I only now fully appreciate the full extent of his assistance!

    6. Liesl on

      I would ask Hey Jude to search for party venues suitable for my 3 year olds birthday coming up soon but can think of a million other things with a to-do list as long as my arm after returning from leave this week :O

    7. Ricky Wilson on

      This is awesome! Im saying hello to @Hey JudeApp right now!
      I would use it so thhey can help me to plan a family camping trip, with lots of activities for family bonding.
      Fingers crossed.

    8. Tania Brewis on

      I would use Hey Jude to find out about places to take the kids to over weekends!

    9. Margo on

      I’d start out with asking Hey Jude to help me locate the best road trip options and stops from Cape Town to Namibia. It’s on our bucket list for me and my boys…

    10. lizl smit on

      I will use Hey Jude for corporate functions venues which always seems like a nightmare to find – kids party venues – what to do with busy boys in winter (other than rush and be up) and some new and interesting hikes and trail running spots with getaway places! I definitely can think of so much Hey Jude can assist with. Awesome App !!

    11. Chantelle de Lange on


      I recently test drove HeyJude with a plumbing request. Asked for a geyser quote and got two call out quotes of their prefereed suppliers. My Jude made an appointment and followed up to check if the plumber arrived. We now proud owners of a brand spanking new geyser fitted by a expert plumber. No calls no numerous call outs. In love with this app!

    12. Tara Midgley on

      Hey Jude will you go and sort out my car license for me?

    13. Karen on

      I would use the Hey Jude to compare holiday packages to Mozambique and to compare script medication prices!

    14. Johannes (JP) Botha on

      What an awesome app. I would ask Hey Jude to find me find the best seats at the most affordable price to take my family to see Disney on Ice.. Something that has been on the bucket list for 3 years running but just hasn’t materialized yet.

    15. jade abbott on

      I was first introduced to this app when I went to a Online Tuesday event and they presented. It’s an amazing app. I would use the Hey Jude to help or do my taxes & help me get a good driving school in my area with the best affordable price and to help me source the best life insurance, medical insurance, car insurance, household insurance etc etc 🙂

    16. daniela on

      I would use Hey Jude for random things like plumber, emergency locksmith, restaurant request, party venues, father’s Day Cool gifts 🙂

    17. Carolyn Augustus on

      I would get Hey Jude to help me get everything I need for a new baby, basically to get baby ready, get the perfect decor for my eldest daughter’s sweet sixteen and they perfect gift for her too.

    18. Ragmat baron on

      Ooh i love holidays so i would definitely use the app for affordable accomodation

    19. Barbara on

      Hey Jude sounds amazing – i would get them to help me find a handyman in my area – like to support local!

    20. Tenneille Francis on

      I am taking my daughter on holiday in August and would use the app to plan our trip

    21. Chantal O on

      Flights to Ireland, December lunch in WC at a hotel for xmas and accommodation 4 nights self catering home for 4 adults and 2 kids

    22. Soraya Asmal on

      I would use this app to locate a great Portuguese restaurant for my birthday

    23. Caron on

      Vicki – you found my soul mate – thank you. This wonderfully amazing app is the best news I’ve had in a long time. It is a PA’s bestest friend all rolled into one. It can even have the empty desk next to mine. I cannot even imagine what I will not be using this app for. It will also be my life and stress saver. Signing up as I speak….. Tweeted post

    24. Ronelle Cummings on

      This is an awesome app. I would use this app for my regular breakfast dates with the ladies. We always looking for new restaurants and coffee shops to explore. I just found a new best friend​, definitely share this with the ladies.

    25. Jasmine on

      Wow there is quite a few on my list but the top three on the list are:
      – find a new laptop battery for my laptop
      – book the Pot Luck Club for their winter special
      – find a package for Vic Fall
      Shared on Twitter 😀

    26. Kerisha Chanderdeo on

      Im relatively new to cape town and i would love this app to guide me to activities that are available in cape town. Also i would use it at work, i am a librarian and we always need help planning events for our holiday programs so this would be sooo handy 🙂

    27. Riétte on

      I need a vintage / used clothing store to sell a consignment of designer clothing. As the proceeds will go to an animal charity, I want the best deal possible. Please help!

    28. Janet W Perry on

      What a fantastic idea!! I would use this amazing app to find vegetarian cafes and restaurants when I travel locally in SA. It’s such a pain getting to a new place, tired and hungry and wondering where to find healthy vegetarian restaurants or cafes. Instead of resorting to nuts and berries, I’d simply call on Hey Jude!

    29. esh.m on

      Air fares
      accommodation in Cape town
      activities and sights to visit
      Venue location

      We are having a bridal shower in Cape Town and the app would certainly help with everything. Even safe sleep

    30. Eden Megan on

      I’d ask the Judes to help me find the best student budget lunch specials in Cape Town.

      Would love to explore more of the hidden gems in the city!

    31. Darryn van der Walt on

      I love to travel, so would definitely ask them to track down amazing flight and accommodation options to New York

    32. Gary Laight on

      I’d use it to find the perfect place for a weekend getaway for my wife & I. Life has been hectic lately & we need some time together just to reconnect. It doesn’t have to be far from home. I’m thinking of the Midlands!

    33. Chantal Esterhuizen on

      I would use it to help find a reliable and affordable handyman cos being single has it’s downside to certain things around the house..

    34. Cathy Badenhorst on

      I would use it to find reasonably price accommodation for our next road trip from Durban to Cape Town

    35. Daniela on

      I would use it to find the best deals on local restaurants when planning an evening out or lunch with friends

    36. thea lennox on

      Would use the apps to get awesome deals for quick getta ways

    37. bev breeds on

      Will definitely be very helpful when searching for a decent reputable plumber or electrician in emergencies

    38. Megan Hartwig on

      I am dreaming of that cozy cabin in the woods or that little cottage by the sea, the perfect little getaway spot I’ve had my eye on for ages. And chances are it will be a reality with Judes helping me out, having such an extensive listing and cover the whole of Africa/world So chances of me finding that perfect spot for a much needed break, are pretty favourable!!!! #heyjudemagic

    39. Sharleen on

      What a great App. It Will be used by me for accommodation

    40. Coral Le Roux on

      OMW, this is amazing!! I love treating myself to Spa experiences. I’d use #HeyJude to find me the best specials so that I could save money. That way, the transactions would more than pay for themselves!

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