• If you’re a longstanding reader of this here blog, you’ll know that i have a very soft spot for the goodies for sale on the Love Letters Stationery site – lots of personalised pretties, little pencil and paper things to brighten up your work or craft space and some fabulous decor items too. I use the washi tape and  gift tags all the time and i even have some fancy shmancy personalised notecards that make me feel very grown up…

    Bridget who owns Love Letters has increased her range again and there are even more lovely things to choose from, including books…and that’s what i am bursting to tell you about today. Aside from books like Handmade Wedding which i ordered yesterday and can hardly wait for its arrival, you’ll also find Decorate. Produced by Holly Becker, founder of Decor8, it’s a must if you love interiors.

    Having reviewed scores of books since i started working as a writer in the decor world, i can honestly say it is the best i’ve seen. It feeds on a creative/visual level, thanks to the luscious shots but on a practical level, the advice and ideas and ways to go about making subtle or even big changes in your space is just so sound. I really recommend it and can honestly say it was one of my best buys of 2011 – although technically it wasn’t a buy since my sister gave it to me, so it was one of my best gifts. If you already have a copy, i know you’ll agree – how about entering the competition to give it to someone else as a gift?

    Sorry,  i’m rambling…the point is – you WANT this book and…thanks to Bridget and Love Letters Stationery, i’m going to be able to give one of you a copy.

    What you have to do:

    • Like the I Want That and Love Letters Stationery Facebook pages (click on the highlights to go straight to the pages)

    • Leave a comment here about something you’d like to do in your home that might improve it – maybe you’ve got an upholstery or painting project that you know will make such a difference, maybe you need to sort out your home office space…i’d love to know
    The competition closes next week Friday 7 April and is open to South African residents only
    PS. I had a slight mishap with the To You Love Me competition announcement as the winner lives in the US and unfortunately the competition was only open to South Africans…so there was a rematch, go check out the Facebook page to see if you are the winner!
    PSS. Be sure to visit I Want That Wedding today to see how a fabulous wedding in the form of a food market could be
  • 42 Comments to “Love Letters Stationery Giveaway”

    1. Tin Bird on

      I want this book! Definitely need advice on how to do my spare room. Particularly window treatments. I’m half done and can’t seem to complete it. Help! 😉

    2. Ursula on

      “Liked” Both Pages and LOVE LOVE LOVE both FB pages. Having an Easter egg hunt for the kids on Friday, so upcycled some old ceramic bunnies, painted then white, lashings of gloss paint and a big ribbon with bow round each of their necks, they look gorgeous. Now want to takle my outdoor wicker…….maybe a lick of fresh white paint and some gorgeous toile or floral cushions in red and raw linen, hmmmmmmm need some inspiration x

    3. Claire Morgan on

      It’s been liked and commented on and now here is my plea.

      In my home I have a place that causes stress and chaos every morning when I get dressed I’m greeted by turmoil and clutter. I need the inspiration to make the start of my day the best start before battling the JHB traffic and the endless jams. This room would be one for calmness and for me to relax.

      It sounds amazing the ideas and concepts in the book and would love to give it a go and create a great area to be loved.

    4. Vanessa on

      Liked and “loved” both pages.
      Am on the brink of renovating our entire downstairs and I need loads of inspiration to decorate the open plan layout. Please pick me! x

    5. Jules on

      The list of potential improvements is practically endless but something I would really like to do is makeover our bedroom. We moved in 6 months ago and so far the only furniture in the bedroom is our old Ikea bed we bought back from London.

      My vision is a beautiful, big, white four poster with fairy lights strung overhead, a cloud-like duvet and clean, crisp linen. Add a chaise longue in the bay window for reading in the afternoon sun, two French Regency side tables for stacks of books and vases of flowers, and a plantation fan whirring overhead and you have my idea of perfection.

    6. Leigh-Ann on

      I have liked both the pages forever….. plus I love Holly’s style!!!!

      I am desperate to redo my lounge by putting in a big wal unit with library shelves – love the feel of that second last picture…. ME, please. x

    7. Salbal on

      My first project is my so-tired-it’s-exhausted sitting room. I want to lighten, brighten and streamline this space, making it contemporary and fresh but still laid-back. But I don’t have a small budget, I have no budget!

      Would love to reupholster the wingback rocker – perhaps in really nubbly pure linen. I will always love my leather club chairs, but some truly magical, hideously expensive fabric is needed for tiny little cushions to lift them out of their colonial gloom. As for the coffee table, kelim and curtains … the death penalty would be best, but beggars can’t be choosers.

      As you can see, I neeeeeeeed all the inspiration ‘Decorate’ has to offer!

    8. Jeanette on

      I liked both pages. I absolutely LOVE Love Letters. Order my personalised Christmas and Birthday Cards from Bridget every year!

      This book sounds amazing and I definitely need some inspiration regarding our main bedroom. For some reason this room has just been left on the back burner, which is a shame as this should be my haven and happy place. With the help of this book it will happen sooner rather than never!

    9. AnneliY on

      I have liked both pages…

      My spare room/office/storage and hobby room is in desperate need of an updated and good looking organisational system.

      Would love the inspiration and advice of the GREAT Holly Becker.

    10. Kari on

      This book looks lovely. I would love to paint the walls and make some more storage and organization in our home office! and sooooo many more things in our house too! projects are never ending!

    11. Diane on

      I love both FB pages!

      The book looks really special.

      I need some inspiration for my guest bedroom. It’s simply bland right now. I need it to be a soothing space for my guests to rest their weary heads. It needs to be neutral enough to accomodate a variety of visitors and at the same time reflect the personality of our family. Quite a challenge…….

    12. Raymond on

      Have “liked”. I want to make changes to the bathroom – needs a shower!

    13. Cecile on

      Saw this book and would love to have it! I have 2 mid-century chairs i have wanted to reupholster for 3 years now ! This is just the push i need!

    14. Debbie on

      Did the “like” thing. Would just love to add a Bar with a naughtical theme to the entertainment area.

    15. Sharon on

      Wow – such worthy applicants above. Everyone needs/wants a book by the sound of it.

      I need inspiration……..I have the furniture (in need of revamp)……need some help and advice. Soft furnishing mix and match ideas and maybe a feature wall with some wallpaper or a new piece purchase to make my area pop.
      Would love the help.

    16. Marianne on

      I desperately need some help to beautify our house! Would make everybody happy, especially my youngest teenage daughter who finds her house embarrassing, so much so that she doesn’t want to invite her friends around!

    17. Rose on

      OMG -I wish that this had taken place before I bought the book. But I have a very special person that I would love to gift it to. I have always LIked your page and have done with Love Letters Stationery. I guess that like most people there are a ton of decor changes that I need to do, but this is something that I really want to do as well:

      Two amazing, yet forlorn easy chairs standing in the lounge, crying out for new outfits. And they want a trendy outfit as well. So, I though that I should get them a patchwork type outfit, with a mix of fabrics that can tell a worthy tale. I guess that I need to give them that ‘ eye-catching’ detail now, to make up for the time that they have had to look so tired.

    18. Lynnsey on

      My kitchen is so outdated, it’s crying out for a serious makeover. But pretty much every room in the house would benefit from some TLC…

    19. Kathryn (Becoming you) on

      I have been desperate for this book for ages so would LOVE to win! There are some many things I would love to improve in my home – the kitchen, bathroom, patio area… Please pick me so I can be INSPIRED. I “like” both pages already

    20. Anita on

      I think if I started by tidying my house it would be a great step forward… then at least it will give me a clean palate to work with. Hopefully this holiday. If the book comes highly recommended from you I am sure it is good. I will keep my eyes open for it in the bookshops if I am not the winner.

    21. Monique on

      What a fantastic inspirational book! I have to get my paws on one. At the beginning of next year my biggest DIY project ever starts, we are revamping our entire home but as newly weds we have to save pennies where ever possible. So now I’m the self appointed interior designer/decorator – I’m super excited but also little bit daunted at the same time. For months now I’ve been compiling a file of inspirational ideas, but my file will not be complete without the genius inspiration of the knowledgeable Holly Becker. Keeping my fingers crossed

    22. Shelley on

      Our walls are pretty bare and I would love to do something different on the wall up the stairs and in our bedroom – need ideas. We also have a storage problem which I’d like to do something about – just not should where to begin….

    23. Kathryn on

      I would like to do my passage wall as a gallery wall. I have two of my grandmothers watercolours of row houses in Edinburgh from early 1900’s, faded but beautiful. Some limited litho prints from artists in town from about 10 years ago & some freehand drawings from when I was a student, the few that I kept. And now I have some really beautiful optimistic watercolours & drawings done by my kids.

    24. Jaclyn on

      I am already an avid reader of your blog and a purchaser from Love Letters Stationery! I would love to win this book and give it my Mom as a gift. She has just just fufilled a life long dream of having an undercover patio area built on a very tight budget and as a self-taught caterer, aims to use the space to host exclusive high teas! She would simply love the ideas, as would I.

    25. Gabriela on

      Liked them all! im desperate for a bathroom revamp!!!

    26. Carmia on

      This book would be great for inspiration for decorating my own place one day. I live with my parents, and I can’t wait to have my own place and decorate it from scratch. My mum would also love this book, ’cause she loves doing her own interiors.

    27. Dhesh on

      I’ve liked both pages. I would really like to create more focal points around my home. I have a wall in my dining area that I would love to add some oomph to and have been considering wall tattoos or arranging an assortment of photo frames but just can’t seem to commit to anything.

    28. kim on

      Wow! This book sure sounds amazing and very much “wanted”. We are renovating our entire home this year and as a real “non-decorator” I’m feeling really anxious about pulling it all together after the building part takes place. I need more than just inspiration – I need serious help to build my decorating confidence. And this book sounds like just the thing 🙂

    29. Heidi on

      I’ve liked both pages. This book looks amazing, just what I’ve been looking for!! I need to add some style to my ‘new’ home and already spotted some of the pieces which I have already and always needed some idea of how to use them in my space. My main focus is my lounge/dining area and my husband needs some help setting up a home office/study

      Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!!
      Please pick me!!

    30. KaRi on

      Would love to redo our 2 bathrooms and guest loo! So difficult to come up with unique ideas, as you almost have to keep the colours flowing from the house into these!

      PS: Liked both pages

    31. Kelly on

      We are busy sorting out our study area. We have our desk and now we need to bring it all together so that it fits together in our large open plan living and dining area. I would love some gorgeous inspiration.

      Have liked both pages!

    32. Bevin on

      The book looks lovely, have just finished renovating our house but the interior and finishing seems never ending, I still need to muster up the energy to do the passage wall as a gallery wall of photo’s, art and collectibles, choose fabrics for lounge, find clever storage solutions and create a desk/study space in our bedroom.
      The book would certainly help with creative inspiration and ideas. I have liked both pages.

    33. Kerryn on

      I would love to get my bedroom revamped. Plan to make some simple changes – by painting the walls and change the linen

    34. Suzanne on

      I’m hoping to win the R40million Lotto up for grabs this Saturday so I reckon Decorate will help me totaly revamp my spot!

      Perhaps baby steps are needed though…. my dream is to have a walk-in-wardrobe and I’ve been meddling with the idea for over a year and just started looking into quotes now. I’m going to have to put up dry walling in my bedroom in order to accommodate the wardrobe so it’s going to change the size of my room considerably and Decorate would be the perfect book to get me going with ideas on layouts, wall colours, and storage options. Oh, and my next project is my study… Here’s to winning that lotto!

    35. Jo on

      Oh how I would love to own this book! I’ve decided to redo all of the comfy scatter cushions at home in every room to give the place a facelift with colourful bursts of light! Also I am wall papering for the first time! Its going to be one huge task but also going to be so worth it. Enjoying every minute! This is the new me, decor Jo for 2012

    36. Jasmine on

      My living room seriously needs some colours, the couch is beige and the wall is white and empty! Some life into my flat will definitely brights up my day 🙂

    37. emma on

      I have a ‘3rd bedroom / office’ that has kinda become the dumping ground 🙁 I would love to create a beautiful space – a third bedroom with a desk that can also be an office / sewing room

    38. Diana on

      Our bedroom is in dire need of some decor8ting TLC. I’d like to create a romantic and elegant haven with a vintage twist and I think that this book would really help to inspire the creative juices 🙂

    39. BethN on

      now that i work from home i desperately need to redo my study so that its smart and organized, i love researching and getting lots of ideas before taking on something so this book is a good start. I also want to build and upholster a window seat, always loved these. Those are my two challenges for the next 3 months.

    40. Ros on

      Liked on both FB pages. I have an extremely odd shaped hallway with those 70’s frosted glass long, narrow windows, leading onto a long narrow passage. no matter how many books I have looked at, I am inspirationless, maybe this one will do it …

    41. Bev on

      I definitely want the book to complete some of my beach side home. We have slate floors and need to change to something more “white” “beachY” natural. Love the fabrics, colours, ideas. Have to have to have OMG

    42. Dinki Dilks on

      I like x 2. Would so love to redo my Dad’s old rocker and an art-deco chair which was given to us when we helped someone out!

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