• By now you all know that i am a huge Kirsten Goss fan. From being a barely there jewellery gal, i am now an all out devotee.  Erm, no, not a Christmas tree, but i now understand what it feels like to be an accessoriser!

    Thanks to KG i have become an earrings person. I also have a couple of Kirsten Goss pendants that i have become superstitious about and i won’t go to important meetings or shoots without them and then i have my beautiful Kirsten Goss ring that The Captain spoilt me with for Christmas last year and which i am in love with.

    I’ve been drooling over the Tough Luxe collection for a while now.

    And now Kirsten’s gone and launched the Tribal Chic collection.

    Which frankly is killing me softly!

    Forget clichéd African patterns and shapes, the Tribal Chic collection explores rugged natural forms, patterns and textures  in such an elegant way – from oh-so-stylish studs to stand alone pieces that are more about making a statement. There’s lots of unpolished gold vermeil and a palette of faceted and smooth stones ranging from Ruby to Carnelian, Chrysoprase and Druzy Quartz – each a reflection of the African landscape.


    So, how would you feel about owning a pair of Kirsten Goss originals?


    • You have to have Liked the I Want That Facebook page

     • You’ll need to Like the Kirsten Goss Facebook Page

    Then, answer this question:

    • Name a stone that features in the Tribal Chic range

    The giveaway ends Friday 12 October and is open to SA residents only

    Some interesting info about Kirsten Goss:

    She is a Durban gal with a degree in jewellery design from Stellenbosch University. After graduating, she moved to the UK and  worked in the jewellery and finance worlds before starting her own brand in 2002. She now has a shop in London, a studio and showroom in Durban, a shop in Johannesburg and a brand spanking new space, shared with fellow local brand Missibaba in Bree Street Cape Town

    Pretty impressive huh?

  • 114 Comments to “Kirsten Goss Giveaway”

    1. Andrea on

      Ruby it is x

    2. kim speer on

      Carnelian – beautiful and love her simple opulent style – I know its a cliche but thats how I see it ! x

    3. Tania on

      Liked both pages
      Answer : Carnelian

    4. Gemma on

      Gorgeous Goss! I spy with my magpie eye a little bit of Golden Citrine.

    5. Jean on

      Love (love love) the Ruby….such a classic!

    6. Paul le Roux on


    7. Yvonne on

      Druzy Quartz

    8. Nicola Meyer on

      Liked both pages ages ago – CITRINE for me!

    9. Lindsey on

      carnelian – such pretty things xxx

    10. Karen Suttle on

      Druzy Quartz methinks!

    11. Bevin on

      Like both pages!!.
      answer: Carnelian

    12. Megan Speight on

      Chrysoprase 🙂 such a beautiful design.

    13. stacy varkel on

      carnelian xx

    14. d j cooooohen on

      ruby and love

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