• Hello lovelies! I know many of you are Lindt fans so i know this giveaway is going to be right up your alley! Lindt is offering one lucky I Want That reader a chance to win a hamper crammed with Lindt Easter edible treasures from bunnies to truffles and pralines – enough to keep you VERY busy over the Easter weekend, that’s for sure! This delicious hamper is worth R800!

    It’s an Instagram and Twitter based competition and the aim of the game is to find the Lindt bunny that’s been hidden on this blog

    See what you need to do below



    I’ve hidden the Lindt Easter bunny somewhere on my blog – you’ll have to search for him 😉

    • You’ll need to find him and post the link to the page within a tweet
    • OR post a screenshot on your Instagram page
    • Your tweet or Instagram quote need to say

    I just spotted the LINDT Gold Bunny on @iwantthatnow #LindtGoldBunnySA @LindtSA


    & don’t forget to let me know you’ve entered below!

    The winner will be announced on 27 March and is open to SA residents only

  • 64 Comments to “FIND the Lindt Bunny & WIN”

    1. lameez on

      Wow I would love to win a yummy Lindt hamper 🙂 closing date say 15march 🙁

    2. ansie zaw botes on

      mmmmm i would love to win a ymmie LINDT HAMPER

    3. Dawn W on

      This would make Easter so yummy as I never get Easter eggs

    4. Jeanine Fourie on

      I found the Lindt Bunny! YUM! YUM! YUM!

    5. Nicola Meyer on

      Entered! @NicolaLMeyer

    6. nasika baijnath on

      got u lindt bunny….@nasikab

    7. Amalia on

      Entered @malieappleton

    8. Jessica on

      Yay I found it! Tweeted 🙂

    9. Jessica on

      Yay I found it! Tweeted @jessdunstan

    10. Jessica on

      Yay found it! Tweeted @jessdunstan

    11. Candice terblanche on

      Entered as @invisablect fingers crossed

    12. Caron Korsten on

      My daughters would go absolutely crazy on that amazing hamper. Complete choccies, the both of them. Just entered & tweeted @CaronKorsten. Must admit, you’ve made the hamper look so deliciously YUMMY, I could slide it right off the screen.

    13. Lizelle Wait on


    14. Linda Laing on

      entered!! @lainglinda

    15. Barbara on

      Found & tweeted – would love to win this hamper!!

    16. Sammy on

      Found it :)holding thumbs!

    17. Jana Vorster on

      Found it – it’s on twitter now 🙂

    18. Marie on

      I just spotted the LINDT Gold Bunny on @iwantthatnow #LindtGoldBunnySA @LindtSA http://www.iwantthat.co.za/decor-lifestyle/in-the-mix/easter-table-decor-diy-ideas/

    19. Andrea Liss on

      YIPPEE! I found the bunny & tweeted! <3

    20. Easter Table Decor & DIY Ideas | I Want That on

      […] FIND the Lindt Bunny & WIN […]

    21. Christie Bester on

      Happily found the yummy #LindtGoldBunnySA <3

    22. lameez on

      Hi I forgot to add my twitter handle @hojokukitu Spotted and tweeted and RT (sharing all the way) 🙂 Would be a lovely treat 4 the whole family

    23. nicola on

      I found the bunny “.|.”

    24. Tara Midgley on

      I found him! @TheZATara 🙂

    25. Ailsa Porter on

      I found the Lindt bunny and I have tweeted! 🙂

    26. Jacqueline Katzen on

      Found him. @JaxxLisa

    27. Hildi on

      Found it! 😀

    28. Monique Els on

      Found the LINDT Gold Bunny and tweeted

    29. Crystal Govender on

      I FOUND IT

    30. Adele on

      Wowee!!! I would love some yummy Lindt, would be perfect for Easter!! Have entered on twitter 🙂 Holding thumbs

    31. Zakiyya Khan on

      I’ve entered! Twitter handle: @Zakiyya_K
      Instagram: @Zakiyya_Khan

    32. Sara on

      I found it, I found it! Fingers are crossed, that hamper looks amazing!

    33. nadene on

      Yummminess! Found that yummy bunny and tweeted @nadenem79


      FOUND THE BUNNY!!! YAY!!!!!! I hope I win!! xx

    35. Gabi on

      Found and entered on Twitter 🙂 https://twitter.com/snappiersocks/status/580009661291708416

    36. Kelly on

      Just entered on Twitter!

    37. ragmat baron on

      I found the Lindt bunny yummy entered on twitter @raggie_786 🙂

    38. Janine on

      Just entered on Instagram! Holding thumbs! Xxx

    39. Ruweida Muhammad on

      Entered & holding thumbs 🙂

    40. Jill Goldberg on

      Found him 🙂 Instagrammed <3

    41. Sophia Allison on

      I found that yummy bunny (tweeted & IG), hoping to be a lucky winner to spoil my girls this Easter ♥♥♥

    42. Yvonne on

      Found bunny, instagrammed – yummy yummy!!

    43. Bridget Hilliar on

      Entered and holding thumbs!! Xx

    44. Andrea | cleverbirdbanter.com on

      Entered 🙂

    45. rehana seedat on

      I’ve found the Gold bunny. tweeted @rehanaseedat

    46. Denise Francis on

      Entered on instagram @denise19francis and twitter @denise_tf

    47. Candi Hall-Jones on

      Found Lindt bunny and tweeted @candihalljones I just spotted the LINDT Gold Bunny on @iwantthatnow #LindtGoldBunnySA @LindtSA http://www.iwantthat.co.za/decor-lifestyle/in-the-mix/easter-table-decor-diy-ideas/

    48. Sammy Guinness on

      I spotted the Lindt bunny and entered on Twitter! 🙂

    49. Tracy Jacobs on

      Found it! Entered

    50. Jenny Greyling on

      Found it xxxx

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