• I know i’m not alone in thinking that Vamp is one of Cape Town’s most fabulous furniture stores. Owner Paula van Niekerk works her magic on vintage furniture pieces she and her partner Michael find and re Vamps them to within an inch of their lives … the results are always fantastic.

    So when Paula and i chatted about a possible giveaway and she mentioned that she’d like to offer one of you lovely readers a mirror i did a little skippity happy dance. You see, i’ve had a glossy Vamp mirror in my mind’s eye for a while now for our soon-to-be entrance hall and though it kinda pains me to be the conduit to give one away i also know it means Paula will be on a mission to find more…including hopefully one for me…yip, i’m selfish like that…making the circle bigger to make way for one for me…

    To find out what you have to do to win this here Vampalicious mirror worth R1350…scroll down …

    The mirror measures 63 x 48cm

    …all you gotta do is leave a comment here about this here win and you also need to sign up for Paula’s newsletter (mail her at paula@vampfurniture.co.za) which is perfect coz then you’ll get a mailer from her every Friday sharing her latest finds…you win both ways!

    PS. Don’t forget to check out the Vamp blog to see what products are in store at the moment!

    *Competition rules

    The competition ends on October 28 2010

    One entry per person

  • 92 Comments to “A Vampalicious new Giveaway”

    1. Barbara Lenhard on

      People ask me often regarding our coffee table magazine title ‘Opulent Living in South Africa’ what do I mean by OPULENT’? I mean all kinds of things which have the special touch like many of Paula’s gems. I am always delighted to get her new images and lovely words for the weekend. Thanks, Paula. Well done!

    2. zelda on

      Wow! What a mirror! Have been to the lovely VAMP shop. What a shop!

    3. Shelley on

      At a time in the world where the concept of Recycle now means so much more than just collecting our old glass, plastic, paper and tin.. I applaud Vamp for making it just so easy, in fact a true pleasure, to use things again!

      Oh little wall above the sink, I really am hoping to adorn you with a beautiful red mirror..

    4. Steve Vosloo on

      I have a red mirror from VAMP, very similar to this one, in my bedroom. Love it! So here’s the thing, by awarding me this here red mirror in your competition you’ll be rejoining two red VAMP mirrors in the same house. A pair, friends together. What more could a VAMP mirror want than to have a buddy under the same roof? Awesome mirrorness! So c’mon, show me the mirror.

    5. Bridget Armitage on

      I simply must have this mirror! I am totally surprised and inspired every week I receive Vamps new stock updates …………

    6. Marissa on

      oooooh… a red vampalicious mirror.. and vampilicious it is indeed, Im already thinking of places for it in my home. Thanks Paula and Michael for my BEAUTIFUL desk and for all the weekly updates – I love your shop and tastefully revamped furniture!!!

    7. Lindie on

      I won once with Vamp already…and would love to win again, lol. Gorgeous mirror….as always:)

    8. Arno de Wit on

      Mirror mirror on the wall… in who’s house do you belong??

      The mirror answers: In the house of Arno and his vroutjie’s house in Upper-Woodstock… that is where i belong!!

      …. okay! So there you have the answer, it belongs in our house in Woodstock where OLD MEETS NEW!! We love to recycle and re-use and she will just fit perfectly into our pozzy!! xxx

      I will also email my email address to Paula!

    9. Marcelle Segal on

      My Wonderful Red Mirror.
      Have you seen my Wonderful Red Mirror?
      Aren’t it lovely?! It is the mirror of power, my mirror of wonder.

      Love this Red Wonderful Mirror!

    10. Linda d'Holt-Hackner on

      Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
      The vampalicious Paula and Vicki of course!
      The one tracks beauties from their source
      The other bestows them with only a little remorse.

      Please gift the red mirror’s glossy gorgeousness to me!

    11. Julie de Robillard on

      Mirror Mirror on the wall
      Surely you are the fairest of all
      Sexy & red, you are the bomb
      You’ll adorn my house with such aplomb…

    12. joanne on

      I eagerly wait for Paula’s Newsletter each Friday evening and was so excited to see the gorgeous red mirror on her list for this week. Even better than that was the fact that one can win this stunning red gem. Vamp is a terrific spot for picking up unique beauties that have been given a new life. Keep up the fabulous work!

    13. Carol on

      RED – my favourite colour!!! well it was blue when I was a tomboy! but since I have grown up and become more girly red is it!! I love VAMP and found my perfect sideboard there. thanks again Paula… I already get your newsletter and look forward to receiving it every week! Great blog “iwantthat” !!!!!

    14. cherilyn on

      Mirror mirror on VAMPS wall, who should win you most of all?
      ‘Blonde fair maiden’, the mirror replied, ‘have you no mirror in which to reside?’ ‘Alas I don’t,’ she sadly sighed. ‘I’d take you home and in you hide. With that the fair maiden kissed it’s red frame, a little reminder for the one, she would someday come to claim. – a short tale. VAMPS imagination and creativity is inspiring. I own one of their heart shaped tables and receive her mails regularly. I stumbled upon their store while on holiday. I’m from Durban 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

    15. helena on

      i want that! 🙂 and i already receive love from vamp in my inbox every friday!!! love it…

    16. Lize Kay on

      Oooh, I want that!

      Currently busy re-VAMPing my own home, as I have just moved from the Cape to Pretoria. But I will fly to Cape Town to collect this beauty. Wow wow wow!

    17. Sharyn on

      We are great fans of Vamp:) already on the mailer. When my fiance and I got engaged the first thing we did was buy a sideboard and table from vamp! (Perfect excuse).
      We’d love this mirror for our first home!

    18. Kim on

      I still have not popped in at Vamp but seems like every time I remark on someone’s amazing new furniture/sign on their wall/mirror, the reply is
      “It’s from Vamp”. This week, I promise myself, I will visit Vamp!

    19. Emma on

      Pick me! Pick me! Our home is crying out for that gorgeous mirror. Our house is decorated in pale pastels with accents of red (sounds gross but I promise it works) so this would be the perfect addition. Popped in to Vamp after reading your blog and love love love.

    20. Marian on

      I love VAMP and alwasy enjoy getting the newsletters, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mirror! I have a collection of mirrors and this one would be an amazing statement piece!

    21. ashe on

      So many funny comments here, what can I possibly say as comment 71!? Would love to get this baby in my entrance hall so I could promise you the left testicle of my yet unconveived first son, but that would be cruel… Ok you can have it…

    22. Jackie Downs on

      I want that mirror, and to be in cape town to visit vamp.

    23. Cecile on

      HI there, would love that mirror- saw it at vamp yesterday! I am already signed up for the newsletter so hope thats ok.

      xx Cecile

    24. natalie on

      ooooooh, i want. it.

    25. Romano on

      Spieëltjie, spieëltjie aan die wand…ek hoop jy gaan in my huisie beland.

    26. Marlene on

      I’ll try the sympathy route – stay-home Mommy to a 2 yr old gorgeous son, trying to rediscover my Inner Vamp, but NEED a sexy red mirror to help me with my mission…..
      Then how about: PLEASE, please, please pick me!!
      I really would love it, and take care of it, and polish it and it really would come to love me back, promise!

    27. Nicky on

      Yummy, that mirror has my name on it!

    28. DINKI DILKS on



    29. megan on

      Ah this is such a stunning piece!!

      Moving into a new place next month and this would be absolutly DIVINE in our new apartment.. *holding thumbs* xxxx

    30. Marli on

      Perfect for my entrance hall, underneath the gloss red ECG heartline hooks!
      (Or would that be too matchy-matchy? I’ll need to win it to tell!)

    31. stef on


      nuf said?


    32. Graeme on

      Love the red mirror, would make the perfect surprise Christmas gift for my partner!

    33. Heidi on

      I’ve been looking for a vintage mirror for my lounge wall!!! This will be perfect!!!!!!!!! I love red!!!!!!!

    34. cosmicgrrl on

      “I’m starting with the (wo)man in the mirror
      I’m asking him to change his ways
      And no message could have been any clearer
      If you wanna make the world a better place
      Take a look at yourself and then make a change, yey
      Na na na, na na na, na na na na oh ho”

    35. Kirsten on

      o dear kirsten, what will you do without this mirror? You are a final year design student, desperately in search of a beautiful home in Woodstock, but with no time to spare (as the job hunting is now a fulltime job), and no money to chingle-changle in your dear pocket, where will you put on your red lipstick in the morning?

      I was thinking, some thing right, something rue, something red, just for you!
      I know you have envied that mirror in the old church in Woodstock for quite sometime, but could never afford to get in line..A fan of Paula you are, but resist the stalking, you may go to far.

      If this beauty in red is meant to be, you will receive a phone call and fall on one knee.

    36. Nicky Page on

      My word, I saw it as I walked in the other day and saw the sign saying not for sale, my excitement immediately waned, little did I know it could be won!! whooop my excitement has just re emerged 🙂

    37. Patrick Stedall on

      new flat no money no furniture just need mirror!

    38. Natasha Clark on

      Pretty please can I have the pretty?

    39. kim on

      please. thank you. have a lovely day.

    40. Julia Goodall on

      Ooh, I hope I haven’t missed the deadline! That mirror is the mirror of my dreams! It’s a NEED, not a want. Pick me! Pick me! J

    41. Patrick on

      New flat, no furniture, no money really really really need an awesome mirror please!

    42. Melanie on

      This is amazing! I think I will have to get one and redesign a room to suit it. What fun!

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