• I’m so happy to be hosting this giveaway – not only because i love interiors but because i think this is one of those must have books if you’re into decor in any way. It’s by Quivertree Publications, with gorgeous pix by Craig Fraser and such evocative words by my talented friend Mandy Allen. It covers homes belonging to a series of creatives living here in SA – from Neville Trickett (that’s his home at the bottom) to Laureen Rossouw  who is the editor of Elle Deco and a host of similarly talented peeps with interesting spaces and a talent for putting things together just so. What i love most about this book is that it’s not all about spaces that are seriously put together – these are homes, where interesting people live and where what they do and what they’re into spills over into their spaces. And there are so many interesting ideas to implement in your own space.

    now…if you’d like to win this here gorgeous book, you’ll need to like the I Want That Facebook pag (click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of this page) or at the top right of the home page. Then, leave a comment below…tell me what’s the favourite space in your home…

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    1. Kathryn on

      My favourite space is the kitchen. Not because it is beautiful (it is in serious need of a revamp), but because the window overlooks a lovely big park which is used by lots of children and people with dogs. I also end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen. In such a dense, built up area, to have a long vista is great. To be connected to the street instead of being barricaded behind a massive wall is a luxury. The window is south facing, so nice & cool in the afternoon. If you have great light & lots of imagination, then the rest can follow.

    2. Vickie Tucker on

      My favorite room is my Art Room. Am I an Artist, no but I can get lost in color! I feeled this room with all of my favorite finds from Goodwill to outside and I feel like ME when I walk in!

    3. Zahraa Minty on

      My favorite space has to be my bedroom, however it is in a desperate need of a make-over to introduce a bit more color. I believe as we get older we need to go a bit bolder. Like my Mom use to say: “Go big, or go home”

    4. Kamilah Francis on

      My bedroom is my favorite place in my home.Its comfortable and has all my favorite things and soft colours.

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