• So it’s nearly here – the culmination of a crazy year for 90% of us and for many of us it means gearing up for Christmas too. We’re planning on taking it very easy for Christmas this year – we’ll be in Stanford and doing as little as humanly possible. That doesn’t mean i haven’t packed some washi tape (I found the most beautiful gold and black striped washi at Merrypak), a shedload of gold doilies, loads and loads of baubles found at the R5 store and a trusty tin of gold spraypaint for making festive while we’re away! Since Charley is getting to be old enough to almost  ‘understand’ Christmas, there’s quite a lot of fun around decorating the house and i’m looking forward to making pretty for the festive season. With that in mind I hit Pinterest for some inspiration and i came back with some cool stuff…


    If you’ve got some spare fairy lights, hell, even if you haven’t, get some from Pick n Pay or your nearest Crazy Store and make your own light up star.  All you need is sticks or dowels of similar lengths, string or cable ties to fasten them and some fairy lights. I did this with wire and fairy lights a few years ago – i got a wire worker to make me a heart and i wound the lights in and around it – worked like a bomb!


    I’m totally into a white Christmas tree again this year – it’s the perfect blan canvas for going colour crazy – there are some beautful colourful metallics out there decorations-wise this year.  diy-holiday-decorations-to-make-this-weekend-1583225-1449205197-640x0c

    Isn’t this wreath beautiful? I think i’ve shared it before – i’d love to gather greenery and make one this holiday. I do believe i may have said exactly the same thing last Christmas holiday!!


    This is more in line with what i’m capable of – gumtree and pretty sprigs on string!


    Looking for a rainy day Christmas craft? Why not transform wooden pyramids and blocks into festive decorations using leftover paints?


    This wreath is remarkably easy to make. You just need a glue gun, a shed load of baubles and a wreath to start with. I made one a few years ago by making a cardboard base and going crazy with glue – it looks amazing when finished – all you need is a nice thick piece of satin ribbon to tie onto it when you’re done.


    Paper card Christmas cones are so easy to make and super easy to decorate. Use washi tape, pretty paper decorations or glitter on glue to make yours stand out.

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