• Crafty things tend to scare me a little – they look so easy to achieve on Pinterest but often when it comes to the crunch, things tend to go awry for me – i have the scars from my glue gun to prove it.  Which is why i love this Christmas wreath – it was so easy to make it’s ridiculous! I took some pix of what you need and wrote up the steps of which there are only three and then you have your very own rad Christmas wreath!


    You’ll need an embroidery hoop (cheap, cheap from a haberdashery), ribbon, wooden pegs (i used a pack of 30), spraypaint primer, dark green spraypaint


    Now: spraypaint your pegs with primer and leave to dry. Then you need to spray them with the dark green paint (two coats will do the trick) and wrap your ribbon around the embroidery hoop (i used the smallest one i could find).


    Attach pegs


    Now hang on your front door (i added a bauble for a little more festive cheer) and the hello sticker is from My Wall Tattoos

    Eat your heart out Pinterest!

    V xx

  • 4 Comments to “The Easiest Xmas Craft”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Great Idea!

    2. Beth on

      Well done – looks awesome!

    3. colleen on

      You could be even lazier and buy green plastic ones and skip the painting part

    4. Dhesh on

      Love It!

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