• Many of you, like me, no doubt, receive the delicious and inspiring Nomu recipe cards every month and if you’re not, i can assure you, you’re missing out. They very kindly asked me to contribute some wine pairing info with their gorgeous food for their December round of recipes and now that the actual cards have arrived in my inbox i’m more excited than ever for our holiday where i plan to cook up a storm! Some of you asked for some cocktail recipes a little while ago, i think the Watermelon Crush below might well be my cocktail choice for summer…



    I highly recommend you sign up for the Nomu monthly newsletter and recipe cards, a real case of some of the best things in life being free. You can also access their library of recipe card PDF’s for more inspiration.

  • 5 Comments to “Summer Deliciousness from Nomu”

    1. Tanya B on

      They always have delicious recipes…

    2. Li on

      I want the asparagus one for lunch right now!

    3. Brenda Finch on


    4. Mich on

      Totally agree, NOMU is fab! I subscribed to their mailer years ago and I love receiving their recipes every month (have saved them all)! The styling is equally delicious 🙂

    5. iwantthat on

      Totally agree with you Mich – the styling on these ones is done by Lisa Clark http://www.lisaclark.co.za and Warren Heath shot the gorgeous pix!

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