• Hello lovelies and fellow Bargain Betties!

    Here’s some good news if you’re in the market for on-trend, contemporary, quality furniture for your home. Don’t ask me how but I’ve managed to get my hands on the leaked Weylandts sale info sheet for their Annual Sale and it’s smoking hot!

    If you’ve ever been to a Weylandts sale you’ll know its a crazy, crazy experience with bargains galore, couches, tables, chairs going for next to nothing and yes, a little bit of spectator sport fistycuffs between decorators with their hearts set on specific items. If you’ve ever lusted after Weylandts products, big or small, now’s your chance to get in there!

    They are usually so secretive about the sales dates but if previous sales are anything to go by, they will probably only announce the sale a few days beforehand.

    I think you need to see this, click this highlighted link to download the SALE LIST

    I’ve saved some of the ridiculous bargains that are going to be available and which are on my lust list…take a look


    Kona Armchair currently R5997 – 70% off

    4.MIlan creen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.10.27 PM

    Milan Sofa Bed currently R14 995 – 40% off


    Lazio Daybed Recline Earth currently R18 995 – 40% off

    6.creen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.16.19 PM

    Harper Stool currently R3995 – 50% off 7.CARPCONT0608-FRONT-W

    Jute Carpet in Petrol currently R3995 – 50% off


    Momo Sofa currently R15 295 – 40% off


    Peacock Chair currently R5995 – 50% off


    Pencil Leg Occasional Table currently R1995 – 50% off


    Counter Stool White Chevron currently R1295 – 50% off

    These are just a HANDFUL of the bargains I’ve seen – I’m talking designer sofas marked down by 50%, dining room chairs for next to nothing, lamps – the works and of course there are loads of smalls too…linen, scatters, throws, storage solutions, more rugs, tableware…i could keep you here all night…


    Handknit Stitch Scatter currently R695 – 50% off


    Chevron Bamboo Basket currently R325 – 50% off


    Sugar Jar Pendant currently R595 – 50% off

    Keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter feeds and i’ll continue to keep you in the loop when and if i hear any more info. Also, i know that if you sign up for the Weylandts newsletter, you’ll be first in line for the details of the sale date.

    Here’s the SALE LIST again – don’t forget to share the good news with your fellow Bargain Betty decor lovers!

  • 6 Comments to “Shhh…I’ve Got Inside Info on the Weylandts Nationwide SALE!”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on


    2. Cathi on

      Dankie baie vickerella BIG LUV TO YOU AND HELLO ITS ALMOST BABY DAY!! ✨✨

    3. Caron on

      The Kona armchair is absolutely exquisite. My heart has also completely been stolen by the Momo Sofa and Jute Carpet in Petrol. Love Love Love. Thank you

    4. Mariette on

      When will the sale take place?

    5. Marisa on

      How do they normally announce the sale – newsletter? online?

    6. Llewellyn Lambert on

      They have the most stunning range of furniture! Have you seen the new items and beautiful new stores?


      Let me know what you think 🙂


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