• Meet Mr Melvin Meyer, upholsterer extraordinaire who’ll make slipcovers and cushions, upholster your chairs and couches and help turn what’s drab into something totally fab!

    Mr Meyer
    Mr Meyer

    Mr Meyer will collect from you and return your reworked items in no time (he took a week to make a slipcover for my couch, upholster my chair and four cushion covers).

    Call him on 021 392 1739 or 083 695 4443

    (apologies for the House and Leisure girls who’ve kept the secret for so many years – Mr Meyer’s too good not to share!)

    And look…my former blech chair is now a thing of beauteousness…

    Hello lovely chair, I love you so very much, you are so pretty, I want to look and look and look at you
    Hello lovely chair, I love you so very much, you are so pretty, I want to look and look and look at you

    * the fabric is by the divine Design Team talents and you can buy it at James Russell Agencies

  • 12 Comments to “I’ve got a secret to share…”

    1. Emma Hooper on

      oooooooooooohhh – thank you! I’ve been staring at my mother-in-laws sewing machine for so long wondering how to turn it on, now I don’t have to!

    2. Thaya on

      Oh my word…..I’m gobsmacked – he did all that for you in a week AND this chair is soooooooooo beautiful. I want to copy and paste this chair under my bum right now and feel its beauty. heh heh

    3. Lana on

      Fab job! I have two very similar chairs that need re-covering, I think Mr Meyer is the man!

    4. marietjie on

      thanks so much for this!!!!!! will definitely give him a call!!!

    5. Brenda Wardall on

      Great fabric! I am just loving your site Vixen – it has exploded with info overnight!

    6. Mandy on

      Pass on any more trade secrets Ms V and I’ll have to hurt you… Oh okay, I’ll adopt a caring-is-sharing-attitude, but only because it’s V-Day weekend.

    7. iwantthat on

      Pwaaa haaa, Mandles you make me laff..OK i promise to try and behave.

    8. Ed on

      Your chair looks great. I wish I could find a Mr Meyer in Gauteng!

    9. Karin on

      How lovely to discover you. I’ll be visiting often. ps .. Love that chair and I like it that you share Mr Meyer.

    10. Ness on

      Have only stumbled upon this post now and I am green with jealousy of your beautiful beautiful chair! sigh. I want it. lovely to see you today x

    11. jenny mason on

      Ah Vicky, that chair is the best. I have a similar chair – puts ideas in my head. x

    12. Jean on

      Aaaah Mr Meyer – been My Best Kept Shared 20 times Secret for 20 Years! He is a Star. Looking forward to the return of my couch with its new outfit.

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