• So i’ve mentioned going lumo a few times and although i like the look in some of the pix i save on Pinterest, doing it in my own home just hasn’t felt right. Until now that is. I was dead bored of the table next to our front door and decided it needed a bit of a shake up. Our house is dotted with kitsch white painted animals which i collected for our wedding and although i will never part with the bulldogs (see the wedding DIY here) i’m not that attached to the others anymore – so i figured Mr Parrot wouldn’t mind his makeover.

    DIY1 DIY2

    All it took was three coats of Plascon Aerolak in lumo pink and voila! Mr Parrot is a vision in pink. It’s quite strange – the colour is so bright that it’s difficult for your eyes to adjust and comfortably make out the shape of the item. DIY3

    Here’s what the entrance table looks like now


    And a close up

    Cost = less than R50!

  • 15 Comments to “Lumo Paint DIY”

    1. kdutoit on

      Thats amazing……that pop of colour transforms the whole look, and even though the parrot is the focal point, you notice all the other lovely items now too…..before they all kinda blended into each other…..love love love…..

    2. Mandy on


    3. lameez on

      Wow its stunning ,luv it

    4. lizel on

      FABULOUS !!!!

    5. Alison on

      I’d say Mr Parrot is now positively gorgeous!

    6. Blair Scheepers on

      Love it! Thanks for giving me an idea for my weekend project!

    7. Natasha on

      Gosh, you are so creative and daring. And this one certainly has paid off. Where am I gonna find space to use all these great ideas you keep sharing? Lekker

    8. Tammy Perry on

      Wow!! That is SO beautiful! It’s amazing how a coat of paint can totally transform something!! I also LOVE how you have done up the table and put the plant in that pretty cage!! Seriously, such a cute idea!!

    9. iwantthat on

      Thanks for the lovely comments gals. Tammy, it’s so funny how history repeats itself – my Mom had a funny old wrought iron cage/light fitting thing which she transformed into a plant stand filled with a fern. I thought it was so naff when i was a teenager – and hey, here we are again. The plants are aloes – a friend was chucking our her enormous aloe tree so i grabbed four cuttings – two for the house and two for our garden.

    10. charlene on

      Who would have thought a lumo parrot would look so good ;)! Love it! xxx

    11. Donna Christie-Gibbon on

      LOVE IT!

    12. Nicola on

      I love this. Amazing how changing one thing on the table makes it look brand new.

    13. Sally on

      You’re so clever. Love it!

    14. lauren on

      wow Vicki, that is fab! thanks for using Aerolak 😉 and the fun part is you can change Mr Parrot as often as you like – fine feathers make fine birds 😉

    15. Jonelle on

      Oh wow. I absolutely LOVE that. Totally going to be adding one like that to my decor. Now…. where to find some kitsch ceramic animals….

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