• Yes, you Joburg babes are usually a lot more sussed than us Cape Town chicas on the fashion front, you’ve got Sandton City sorted, Hyde Park Corner all wrapped up and the various style havens like 44 Stanley and Bamboo to call your own but there’s more lurking underneath yer very noses. The CBD is awash with fabulous fashion, fabric and household finds – and that’s exactly what prompted archeologist Jo Buitendach to add a new tour to her Past Experiences archi tours offerings.

    Fabulous shopping finds in downtown Jozi
    Fabulous shopping finds in downtown Jozi

    It’s called the I Love Shopping tour and it’s a pilgrimage to downtown Jozi, to the secret shopping spots that Jo and her team of savvy shoppers have uncovered, the hidden gems that house international labels from last season, the diamonds-in-the-rough that hide never-seen-before bargains under shabby exteriors and the sparkling finds just waiting to be discovered.

    The tour has a cultural angle too (Jo is after all a qualified archaeologist). You’ll meet at 9am and be taken on a short walking tour of some of the CBD’s older buildings. From there you’ll go back in time to the Carlton Centre and then onto some serious …shopping. You’ll be using public transport to get around and the tour ends at 1pm with an option to join in on the group lunch at an authentic downtown eatery.

    Call Jo today to book your spot for this Saturday’s shopping trip 011 678 3905 or email her at pastexperiences@hotmail.com

    This guided shopping extravaganza costs R70 – now that’s a bargain!

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    1. Lindsey Cohen on

      Thanks Vix! Will definitely embark on this sometime.

    2. Liesel on

      What a great concept, thanks Vicki – I’ve been looking for something like this for some of our clients.


    3. Suzie on

      Proof that shopping CAN be educational!

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