• Dahlias4

    Look at this bunch of apricot blush and pretty-in-pink beauties I bought today…from my sort-of-secret flower man Moses. I think they look like those honeycomb paper ball decorations or granny’s swimming hats. At R15 a bunch, they’re my Bargain Betty share of the week. Where to find him? Look out for the ‘fresh cut flowers’ sign on Spaanschemacht River Road in Constantia, behind Peddlars. He’s open every day from 9am until 5pm and Saturdays from 9am to 12.30pm.

  • 3 Comments to “Hello Summer!”

    1. Thaya on

      I’m going there, like NOW! Thank you!!!

    2. Nikki B on

      What a tip! Thanks.

    3. Hali on

      Hali – what a treat am definitely going to Moses! Awesome blog – well done!

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