• So you already know that i am pretty much of the instant gratification school of craft. Take one or two items, tweak here and there, spraypaint a bit and get a result – that’s my idea of DIY. This cute little magnetic board is a case in point – i love it. You could raid your parent’s cupboards for an old brass tray or you could pick up a metal tray at a junk shop/Chinese store/Gumtree. Then, all you need is a trusty can of Rustoleum in gold (the only gold spraypaint that does the trick in my opinion) – oh and some magnets and cool things to stick onto your board. Prime first if you’re feeling conscientious – allow to dry, spray with a few layers, leave to dry and there you have it – a magnetic tray that’s sure to be a talking point!





    The lovely pix and original post/idea were found here

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    1. lameez on

      Cool crafty ideas 🙂

    2. Sally on

      I’ve been cruising crafty sites all week, and this idea is spot on. Thanks!

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